Tuesday, 4 June 2013

#252; Sparkly eyes with Lust to Lush ♥

You know what I can't live without? Yes, circle lenses! It isn't just because, I am as blind as a bat without my spectacles or prescription lenses, there is also another vital part of circle lenses that makes it so alluring! They enlarge your irises perfectly and give you pretty, sparkly eyes. 

The owner of Lust to Lush kindly sponsored me a pair of pretty lenses of my choice and here is what I have picked out from their wide range of lenses... 
I.Fairy Kirei Green~ 

I.Fairy Kirei Green belongs to the old I.Fairy catalog but no worries because the stock that Lust to Lush gets, are the newer ones with the latest packaging! I absolutely adore the tiny vials and cutesy labels (Mine has a tiny bus and a soldier on it). The new I.Fairy packaging also has a pretty heart shape sticker on the top of the vials that states the series and the degree as well.

Once I have received them, I couldn't resist opening them up and trying them on straight away! 
Here they are in their lens casing, they aren't very green. A really lovely shade of turquoise which is more blue than green under bright lighting. 

A close up of the lenses! So pretty aren't they? ♥
I love how vibrant they are~

Here is how they look like under normal room lighting, a pretty deep blue (?) or green that is noticeable at a closer look. Otherwise, the vibrancy and color of this lenses isn't as noticeable.

However, under sunlight, the lenses are really noticeable! Note the yellow bits in the inner most corner? Yeap, those help the lenses to blend more naturally to your eyes :) I love how pretty this makes my eyes look!

Under bright lighting, the colors are even more obvious. A deep and elegant looking blue-green that is easy to carry off with my day-to-day make up! The close up makes my eyes look so animated and lively.

In terms of enlargement, there is a very notable and obvious enlargement. Look at my dead zombie looking eyes on the right and the lively and pretty sparkly eyes on the left :> 

Comfort-wise, I can wear these lenses for more than 8 hours without feeling any discomfort! 
Lust to Lush is therefore the place to shop at for circle lenses to brighten up your eyes. Reliable, efficient and they have a wide variety of brands to choose from. 

Waiting time is only 7 working days after preorder closes and each order closes on the 9th of every month so place your orders with them now! Don't wait any longer~ ♥
Also, did you know that Lust to Lush used to be the very reliable and trustworthy, Duffy Beau
With such a strong customer base and history of good sales record, it's no wonder that Lust to Lush is the definite place to get your lenses from!

Need some discounts for the month of June? :p
Look at Lust to Lush's current promotion!

Barbie, Candy and Luxury at only $9.50/pair! 
GEO, I.Fairy, Fynale and many many other brands of lenses at $13/pair! Shop with your friends and the more you buy, the more you save! Up to $11/pair~ ♥

My eyes got pretty a not? Only spoil picture one is the ugly box of cables and wires at my left :< Y U THERE?!
Remember hor, I am wearing the I.Fairy Kirei Green! So if you loveeee my lenses, go order them from Lust to Lush ♥

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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