Monday, 10 June 2013

#253; WFI - Spring Fling

Have been taking such a long break in between, just to take a breather from the common test! And I'm so glad it's over. Anyway, if you are viewing my blog via mobile, you would have noticed that all my supposedly-vertical photos are now horizontal. How annoying. I'm not sure what I can do to fix it, because if I put it in a vertical position, Blogger would automatically reformat my picture and turn it into an ugly squashed up square-sized photo. 

I'm trying to use my MacBook to see if the problem still persists. So wish me luck? 

Today's blog post will be WFI (Weekly Fashion Inspiration) and this outfit coordinate is inspired by the latest post from Fashion Coolture. Can I say that I absolutely adore her outfits? I will definitely be bookmarking her page and I suggest you check it out too!

Her outfit is absolutely gorgeous for spring. And after viewing through the photos she took for this OOTD blog post, I am tempted to recreate her look!

Note how she wore a peach colored pullover, well the weather here is a killer, so I thought a peachy colored crop top with a intricate lace design around the collar will make for a good substitute. Absolutely adore this from HVV and I am thinking of getting one for my own wardrobe :x
Price: $15

Also from HVV, is this extremely pretty skirt x shorts (Skort) which has embroidery and pearl embellishments. I absolutely love how simple yet elegant this is and the way it flows like a skater skirt. Sometimes I feel so exposed when I wear a skater skirt and there is a gust of random wind that threatens to flash my panties to the whole world... With this pretty skorts, you don't ever have to worry about that anymore. Definitely worth the price paid!
Price: $30.50

From Fox-out is this floral chiffon outerwear that is oh-so-perfect. I love the floral prints on this and for the longest time ever, I was debating over getting this and a pretty cream knitted cardigan. There are four different colors available but I chose to feature the white to make a softer spring look. But heck! If you are into color blocking, try it out with the mint colored version!
Price: $26

How can you make your spring outfit more Lookbook-worthy? By adding a floral crown from Le Derpina! Not sure if she is doing any more remake but you can try asking nicely! :>
Price: $8.50 Onwards

Get a thin belt to pair it and some pretty accessories to acentuate the spring look! Have fun and let me know if you love this week's WFI by leaving me a comment below! 

Items listed above are not sponsored and this is not a paid advertisement. Just doing it, cause I love it. 

I hope you enjoy this post and I will be back tomorrow with another new post (Yes, I am pushing myself to blog everyday!)

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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