Thursday, 13 June 2013

#254; Metamorphosis Concert @ NUS

I always believed that school events are not worth paying for. Especially fund-raising kinds. But this year, I have decided to be a little more adventurous (?). So, yours truly bought a ticket for the Metamorphosis Concert, organised by my secondary school. I have to admit that I missed out on many concerts prior to this year's ones because I didn't believe that they were any "fun".  But since my sister was selling the tickets, I decided to be sporting and bought one from her. 

On the day of the concert, mumsy drove us to NUS, where it was held in some hall. Me and sister were attending the event and I managed to catch up with a few familiar faces. At 7 PM, everyone filed into the concert hall and we found the seats we were assigned to. 

After the Guest of Honor was seated and the necessary introductions were made, the concert began officially. The first act was the school's Chinese Orchestra which did two really good instrumental pieces. Did I mention that I always wanted to learn how to play one of those Chinese instruments? 

Then it was the choir with their angelic voices. My clique used to be in the choir and they would fill the whole classroom with their voices during break times. LOL. In fact, I knew so much of their songs that I would sing along occasionally. 

Next up was the Indian Dance with their energetic performance "Divine Love". Their costume and dance moves were extremely elegant and fluid.
Drama club was next but I didn't manage to take a photo of their performance because I was too busy laughing at their pun-ish take on the popular Romeo and Juliet.

After a short interlude, the band perform two really good pieces. They were really good! I used to play in a concert band when I was in Primary school. Cannot believe right?

My principal presenting an award to an instructor :) I love her dress! Its such a sad thing that she will be retiring soon and I will really miss seeing her famous smile  when I head back for a visit.

Then it was the Malay dance's turn to showcase their talents! Again, I love the wonderful costumes and beautiful dance choreography!

Last but not least was the Modern Dance club. Always had a little dislike for members from this club because they were stuck up and disrespectful. But I admire them for their engaging and absolutely stunning performance that day. 

Had to crop the photo quite a fair bit because there were random "human heads" popping up along my picture. Yes. I iz sad. People. Y U NO MOVE YOUR HEADS?!

Okay, I have come to the end of my extremely short update but I will definitely update more! So do stay tuned to this space and I will see you later on in the afternoon with a new blog review~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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