Monday, 17 June 2013

#257; Bold and Wonderful

Received another bunch of lovely goodies from Cute Little Strawberries! :D
And I am so excited to show off what I have gotten in their spree, this time round! Although this package of love reached me real early, I didn't had a chance to do up an advert for them and I only gotten a chance to do so these past few days.

Enough ranting about how lazy I have been, here is what I have gotten this time round~

This time round, 2 items from my order was Out Of Stock. However, the very kind owner of Cute Little Strawberries threw in 3 really pretty and summery items to make it up for the OOS items! So naise right?

First up, is this makeup pouch from the CLS's bags categories! This makeup pouch is 100% exact to the picture as seen on their website and I am extremely satisfied with the quality of it. It is extremely spacious and can fit quite a lot of my makeup stash into it. Also, the front pocket of the makeup pouch makes it extremely convenient to keep small items such as your cards or tiny clips to pin up your fringe!

See what I put in my makeup pouch! All the makeup items that I use for my daily makeup routine, is able to fit in here. And since it is pretty small, it is convenient to tote around in case I needed to do a touch up.

This golden spike necklace is so lovely that I gotten another one in black, which I will showcase in my next advert for Cute Little Strawberries! There are 7 golden spikes with rounded head so you wouldn't hurt yourself while wearing it. I love how cute this is when worn because it makes a little tingly sound when you move!

I paired this necklace with a plain white tank top. Because of its' design, this piece is versatile and adds a touch of glamour to your otherwise plain outfit of the day. I actually wore this out the other day with a denim outerwear but didn't manage to capture it on camera :< 
And so, I have to make do with a very chubby photo of myself...

Some really bold and funky colors to add to your hair! Absolutely adore the navy blue one because it is quite versatile for most outfits! The neon green one works best when you are choosing to wear an outfit with lots of colors or color blocking your outfits. These funky neon colored hair bands will definitely add color to your hair (and not to mention, your outfit) this school holidays!

Me and my awesome blue hairtie. I like how it make my pony tail look so much more interesting and tidy. Say goodbye to conventional ponytail because you can add awesome neon color to your hair! This hair tie is available in 4 funky colors and check out the other designs that are available at the Cute Little Strawberries' Hair Accessories section!

My awesome "Thor" earrings! Sister said that they were really obvious la. But I adore them because they look so tiny and adorable on my earlobes. Plus the funky lightning bolt design really does appeal to the die-hard Avengers fan. (Suddenly remember all the puns about Thor. ElevaTHOR. THOR-tiah. InvestigaTHOR. I'm not sorry for the bad puns ;>).

Cute not?! I like how dainty and yet funky these look on your earlobes. They add a touch of classiness to your whole look from afar and close-up, people will definitely notice them! The cutesy studs even have blings all over them *hyperventilates*

I actually gotten this braided black bracelet from awhile back and I said in my blog post that it was a very "versatile" piece! There are so many charms in this bracelet which means you can shift the bracelet any way you like, and get a whole new combination of charms to showcase everyday! For just $4, choose from 9 different colors and you will get your most versatile bracelet ever! Did I mention that they have pastel colors too?!

These are still my favorite picks of the charms on the bracelet. And yes, I recycled the photos! Because I believe that these are still very awesome can? :D I will be giving away this set of bracelet on my Facebook page and details will be listed down below on how YOU can win this!

Last but definitely not the least, is this set of pretty fake tattoo from the Cute Little Strawberries' Tattoo section! I actually wanted to put some of them on but am heading to Adventure Cove soon and I don't want such a pretty tattoo to fade away so soon D; You will probably see them on my Instagram a few days later, so follow me up there @amandamisaki!

Alright! I have come to the end of my post and I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!
To win a set of black braided bracelet, simply:
2) "Like" and "Share" this photo
3) Comment the answer to this question below: "How many colors of the braided bracelet are there?"

Answers can be found in my blog post! :D
Only correct answers and entries that fulfill all the steps above are entered into the draw! 

Much love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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