Monday, 24 June 2013

#258; Product Review - Canmake Color Wishes in Topaz Brown (06)

I'm back from my trip to Malaysia and therefore, I shall post up this product review of the week! Sorry that this was a little overdue but I will make it up by blogging more reviews this week. Do bear with me :<

Today's product review will focus on the Canmake Color Wishes in Topaz Brown! I hauled this single eyeshadow a really really long time ago. I remembered that this was a gift from mumsy who went to HK with sister and got this at Sasa. So far, I haven't seen this in the local Watsons or Sasa in Singapore but I may have missed them out because this single eyeshadow is so tiny!

Look at how tiny this is! The Canmake Color Wishes is a tiny square-ish single eyeshadow palette and I'm not sure how many colors there are in this range. But I do know that it isn't that popular online because I couldn't find a review on it. Although this product is tiny, it sure as hell lasted me a long long long time.

The back of the packaging is in full Japanese which noob-ish me took forever to translate (I gave up and googled till I got the name of it). This shade is the 06 - Topaz Brown shade!

Opening the little tiny palette and you will get a small rectangle packed with a rich and luscious brown eyeshadow that glimmers and shimmers. 

With this tiny eyeshadow palette, there are no applicators provided and so, I usually just pick up the product with my bare fingers. This is how much I can get in one soft swipe. Pretty pigmented isn't it? This has fine glitters in it and the shade is true to its' name.

And with that one swipe, I swatched it on my hand. It really is a sort of golden-brown that really suits all skin tone. Really pretty shade of brown isn't it?

Picture of the Canmake Color Wishes in Topaz Brown (06) on my eyelids. I used a light champagne base color to make the eyeshadow last longer but it did not diminish the appearance of the rich chocolate/golden brown color of the eyeshadow. The color is much more obvious in real life but you can see from the picture above that the Topaz Brown goes on really smooth and pigmented.

Being so pigmented with just one swipe, one must be careful when applying to your eyelids. It goes on smoothly and did not have any glittery fallout which is marvelous.

Open-eye view! My eyeliner smudged a little towards the inner corner of my eye :/
I love how the Canmake Topaz Brown gave my eyes more depth. I mean, look at my sexy eyes leh!
It looks really champagne brown in photos but more of a rich chocolate brown in real life and because of this, it has become my favorite eyeshadow palette when I need a more dramatic look.

Overall, I would rate this product: 4/5
I love how creamy and smooth this is and the pigment of this eyeshadow is mad crazy! However, I can't find this in Singapore and because of the tiny size of this palette, it does have its' pros and cons. Pros are, that you can tote this around to touch up (although you certainly won't need it because the color of the eyeshadow last quite a fair bit) and cons are, that you are most likely to lose it in your bag or makeup pouch and forget you ever had it (le me for example).

I would definitely repurchase this and other shades if possible. But due to the lack of stock in Singapore, this may be hard to purchase. I am also not up to buying three - four other shades in a palette when I only need just this one :/ So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that one day, SG Watsons or Sasa might bring it in.

In the mean time, if you ever find this in your local drugstore or Watsons/Sasa, let me know! :D
I hope you enjoy this week's product review and let me know if you have any questions or if you looooveeee this shade like I do, in the comment box below :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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