Wednesday, 26 June 2013

#259; Lust for 'em eye candy

Lust to Lush recently sponsored me another pair of pretty circle lenses of my choice and I decided to choose the GEO Starmish Brown lenses! Prior to this, I bought this newly launched series a while back and didn't get to do a proper review for them, but I absolutely adore them. So now, lets carry on with the review~

What I have received is two pretty vials of lenses and a cutesy crystal-like lens casing! Thank you Lust to Lush for these pretty casing~

The Starmish series is part of the Princess Mimi series and thus, they are packaged in these vials instead of the normal GEO Medical vials. I first saw them from some blogger's website and fell in love with the color and the naturalness of these lenses. 

Here they are in their vials. Pretty vivid and vibrant shade of brown isn't it? Although it has a tinge of yellow in it, rest assure that these blends well with your natural eye and you wouldn't look too overly scary with it on. 

Here are the lenses on me under normal room lighting. One word to describe this would be "hazel". I love how these make my eyes look a warm natural shade of hazel and give my eyes more depth. I mean, how pretty is this?

Already being pretty vibrant and true to its color (as they were in the lens casing), these did not disappoint in terms of vibrancy under harsh lighting. My eyes could speak volumes with these lenses and they blend really naturally with my day to day makeup. Although at a glance, they look more yellow-ish than brown, these lenses are actually pretty tame when you wear them out.

Because of the pattern of the lenses, it gives your eyes a glassy look like the Nudy series. Yet, the opacity and vividness of the lenses definitely brings out your eyes and make them so much more alluring. 

Enlargement wise, these fair quite well. Like all GEO series, there is a certain degree of enlargement that is noticeable yet subtly so, so it doesn't cross the boundaries of "unnaturalness". All in all, these are natural-looking and with the correct makeup, these will really capture the attention of everyone you glance at! See how dull looking the right side of my eyes are as compared to the left! That's proof enough to get these lenses from Lust to Lush 

Me with my LJ face. haha. (I haz a bad hair dey...and my face super cmi now)
Comfort-wise? No problem with these so far, though they tend to be a little blurry at first. Mainly because I ordered the wrong degree. I can wear these for up to 8 hours with no worries about discomfort. Although I would need eye drops every two hours now, because of the haze.... (Haze, y u do dis?)
Other than that, these lenses score an all time high and has left me wonderstruck because these lenses are really all you could ever want for!

I would rate the GEO Starmish Brown a 9.5/10!

Love the lenses that I am wearing but too broke because of the holidays? :<
Well, Lust to Lush has come up with an offer for their preorder in July and each pair of lenses are only $12/pair! :D
Likewtf, $12/pair for safe, comfortable and pretty lenses with the shortest waiting time and the nicest customer service. So worth it ok.. And ask your friends to join in the fun of having pretty eyes because the more you buy, the more you save! If you are going to splurge on lenses, you may even reach the $9.50/pair promotional category!

Do note that waiting time is about a week for all lenses except GEO (3-4weeks)
Share the joy on Facebook and "Like" Lust to Lush on their Facebook page now because where else can you get first hand updates on promotions and new designs of pretty lenses?

And if you looooooovvvveeeee my lenses and want to preorder them from Lust to Lush, remember that they are the GEO Starmish lenses in Brown (XKP-304). Totally worth buying and waiting for them btw. 

I hope you enjoy this review and stay healthy! Remember to keep your pretty sparkly eyes safe and comfortable with eye drops~ 

Stay pretty and much love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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