Monday, 1 July 2013

#260; Crappy June

June has been wrought with little fights between the family and me but somehow, things always look rosy after awhile. Chubby cheeks and I have also been having little tiff but it's mostly because of my fault and my inept ability to communicate how I feel and my thoughts to him. But sometimes, he is the bitch la. Sometimes ah, not all the time. Most of the time it is me. Sorry chubby cheeks for making you suffer the month of June with my crazy moodswings and idiotic attitude. I have a problem that only you can solve with your patience and love :)

On a side note, the first week of school has started and I'm coping but barely manage to breathe in between my hectic schedule. The first week of school entails getting back my common test results which were both satisfactory and unsatisfactory to some extent. And the week past by without any major events happening in school. 

The major events all took place on Friday night at home. Damn happening, I swear.
Was doing my mask and dad was yelling at me to drink my fibrous drink which was "good for my backside health", or so he claims. But how can you expect someone to drink while masking?! I mean if it's a sheet mask, its understandable but I was using a wash-off mask.. :/ 

Mood was slightly ruined and I headed to my room to blog for an advert. I pushed back my chair a little too hard and knocked into the wardrobe where I kept all my little nail polishes and special skin care. You guess it! A nail polish fell and broke..... Purple. I remember it was a china glaze magnetic one which I splurge on to buy with my own allowance! And I only used it twice! And I had to buy a separate magnetic plate cause they don't come as a set :( Costed me a fortune too...

After cleaning up the mess and almost embedding tiny shards of glass into my palm and feet for the millionth time, I woke my computer up and realize I was running low on juice. I panicked and reached for my laptop adapter but.... It was spoiled. Ruined. The metal head of one of the three prongs was knocked cleaned. I blame my school super tight power points for noming on my poor laptop adapter prongs.... *curses* 

So I had to freak out and order another one which depleted my pocket of $30 worth of much needed cash. And I'm hoping it will arrive on Monday or latest Tuesday because I REALLY NEED THAT ADAPTER FOR SCHOOL! :( 


The weekend past by with nothing much except that I gotten a new "palette" of some sort from xiao gu. 

So I hereby conclude my blog post, I'm actually blogging from my phone so my English got a bit more standard one. Haha! 

The blog post on June holiday and the loots I gotten for the month of June will be up soon! So do stay tuned to this blog for more updates! 
My fingers feels so itchy to type a new post on my blog...

Much love, 
Amanda Misaki Sea

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