Thursday, 4 July 2013

#261; Something Sweet & Cool this Summer

I have been having holiday blues and really want some time to myself to just relax from my hectic school schedule. What better way to do so, with some much needed retail therapy at Cute Little Strawberries!

Cute Little Strawberries is really a retail heaven with all their affordably priced accessories and cutesy skirts and bags! Here's what I have picked out and just received from awhile back (this is super overdue because my laptop ah. hahaha. *cues weak laughter*).

Cute a not? This time round, I picked out something sweet and cool for this summer which explains my title la! Some items went out of stock (my taste good mah! haha) so the owner of Cute Little Strawberries added in some pretty and cute stuff into my loots from the spree. Not pictured here is another necklace, just cause I forgotten to put it in ><

First up the red roses earrings! I knew I ordered a pair so I gave away these, some time back on my Facebook Page

I have the ones in black and they never fail to add a touch of classy and vintage-ness to my whole outfit. Being a vibrant shade of red, I would tone this down with lesser accessories to prevent looking like a little Christmas Tree but if you are all for the "boomz" look, you are more than welcome to pair this with loud color coordinates!

Cute a not? I really squealed when I saw these because they are so sparkly and so friggin cute! Having little golden oak tree with sparkly gems on your ear is super rare okeh!
See! I love how shiny this is and from the moment I got these, I started planning on how best to showcase them, in order to make them stand out. I mean, when you wear earrings, no one really bothers to look at your ears unless you are: a. wearing long, weird, chunky earrings, b. your earlobes are weird and c. your earrings sparkle and shine like a gem. I would definitely want to go for the c. pleaseee.

I picked out this studded braided bracelet and the Owner of Cute Little Strawberries threw in a super cool skull knuckle ring to complete this very "cool" look. 

Here's how I pair them together. What do you think? Got pass the vogue feel a not? A little bit at least?
Placed the skull knuckle ring on my last finger because a. more noticeable in photos and b. because my fingers are too fat. Don't laugh kay.

I also paired this with a matte black necklace which is not featured above because I honestly forgotten. But at least it is in my pictures la! And yes, this was the necklace that I mentioned in my last blog advert for Cute Little Strawberries where I gotten the golden ones.

Next up is this pearl and mesh ribbon with diamante set of bracelet that I have been eyeing for quite some time but haven't gotten the chance to order it until now (because I am a big head prawn and I forget what I want to order la...)

I absolutely love how gorgeous this is okay! Goes so well with a plain skater dress or pair it up with a lace crop and lace shorts and you are ready to go! I love pairing my accessories with my outfits the next before wearing them, just to see if they match. The color combination of this bracelet makes it an all time daily essential in your wardrobe to add that much needed glamour to your outfit. 

Got chio a not? This necklace capture my eye when the package of love first arrived on my desk (I'm not usually home to collect the parcels :/). At first I thought the necklace would look a little gaudy being so gold and all, but it is so friggin chio, I can't even.

See for yourselves! The last last blog post, I was also wearing this necklace for an advert! Since it is not made of pure gold, the necklace has since faded to a rose gold that is even more elegant! New favorite necklace of the moment (I haz so many....).

Not featured here on me because I already featured this in my past advertorial is the ever famous connector ring! The american-flag-heart connector ring which is the only connector ring that I can pull off!

Last but not least, fake tattoos from Cute Little Strawberries! Love them to bits~ My favorite is the unicorn!

Okeh! Shall conclude this blog post because I am tired and it is 1am now. OMG. This blog post has so many of my pictures in it so I am pretty glad about it! ^~^ I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoy blogging it.

Much love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

P.S; Look out for my blog annual giveaway! is two years old now *throws confetti, pop champagne*


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