Sunday, 14 July 2013

#265; Hauls for May, June and July!

So this is a very very overdued post for my hauls in May, June and July! This is only part 1 because I have more stuff coming in and I kinda lost track of where I put my stuff so sometimes, I leave things out :/ I haven't done a haul post in ages because new stuff keeps coming in and I get lazy :x

Nevertheless, here goes:

Another addition to my ever expanding Rilakkuma collection! This was a gift from dearest Pamela :) Thank youuuuuu~

Necklace from le Chubby Cheeks! Has become my favorite necklace to wear around because it matches almost everything lor. Love it a lot!

Elle wallet from daddy dearest for my birthday! Nice of him to get me one, although I already have tons and tons of wallets :x hehe!

Besides the pretty wallet, dad also gotten me this set of The Face Shop Gradation nail polishes in steel navy! It is cute of him cause he walked into the shop and say he MUST buy. LOL. Mumsy say that he acts like a women at times... so true!

As a birthday present for myself, I splurged on a proper Ez link card holder! I don't like to keep my card in my wallet because I don't wish to lose all my cards at one go :/ so kiasu me always like to keep a few cards in a separate holder. This costed me $15! Expensive when you compare to other card holder prices!

I like how it looks a little like Coach's Poppy collection. Just that there are tiny cutesy RILAKKUMAS all over :x

And at the back, there is this Victoria Secret kinda stripes! So cutesy. The puffy ribbon is super nice to squish when I am nervous or when I have nothing to do while I wait for the bus. 

Rilakkuma Hair Tie from Jemolian's Store! They have a lot of Rilakkuma merchandise and cutesy squishies for sales! Super reasonable prices too and I have been shopping with them for quite awhile~
The owner also post many cutesy and funny Rilakkuma and other character comics to brighten your day.

From really long ago, I bought this pair of light denim x crochet shorts from F21! Tried it out and Chubby Cheeks said it looks good so I bought it. Although it tends to be a little short, the crochet pattern is really, really nice.

This design should be OOS at their stores but I got this from F21 Ion, just in case you guys wanna go check it out. Also gotten a prettyy peach coral dress from Tobi for $30+ SGD but didn't picture it here because it doesn't look that good on my bedspread. 

Recently went crazy for Majolica Majorca's goods and got this as a promo pack from Watsons!
The dress glove cream is super nice! This is my unopened and unsealed tube of hand lotion because it just smells so good and I have to keep stock of it! The honey plump lip gloss looks dainty and cute enough to tote around plus coral is my fav. 

My favorite and only Lash serum I swear by! 
This is really effective and you can read my review on the Avance lash serum ex here. Haven't been using this all that diligently nowadays, but my lashes are still strong and voluminous so it really works!

Flaunting my peach/coral coloured iPhone casing that Chubby Cheeks got me from Cineleisure for $3 only! Although it is just a small purchase that probably means nothing to other people, all gifts that was given to me by love, is appreciated by me. So yea, I love this casing so much. 

Lovely floral headband from Le Aribella!
Don't think there is anymore left but you can surf through her available items because it is affordable, super TUMBLR and damn chio kaaaays

Chio lilac, blue and white flowers.

Another pretty floral headband (yes, the obsession keeps growing but has stopped) from Kyrux's Vanity for only $6.50! Seen other blogshop selling such pretty headbands for $9 or more :/ PLUS, Kyrux's Vanity has limited instocks so do check them out and buy buy buy!

Close up of the peach, light pink flowers! 

I recently gotten crazy for books and bought first and second hand books from Carousell! Here is The time traveler's wife which I always wanted to read but couldn't find a copy in the library! Plus I like to reread novels so I rather own a copy of my own.

Haha! Erotic books, I gotten the whole fifty shades trilogy for about $25 for all. WTF. 
Haven't started any books yet because I am so busy! Have two other books, Jodi Picoult - Change of Heart , not pictured here and Yakuza Moon which is with chubby.

A waterproof camera that I gotten for Adventure cove but haven't got a chance to use it yet :< Sigh! One day! I will use it!

Last haul of this post would be this Satchel bag from Typo! I gotten it from a sales at $10 only! GSS is my best friend and worse enemy. It can fit A4 and I have been using it for school as it can fit so many things in! *proud pat on back*

Alright! That's all for part 1 of my haul post! I will be back soon with Part 2 so do stay tuned for more stuff! Plus I will also show off my loots from when I went to KL! I hope you enjoy this post and don't forget to join my giveaway, ending in 7 days time!

Much Love and Kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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