Tuesday, 16 July 2013

#266; Koala March!

Are biscuits your favorite things to snack on when you are busy studying for an exam? Or when you are just feeling hungry and munchy? Well, I loveeee biscuits and you will be in for a treat in this blog post!
Recently tried out the Koala March Biscuits because they are so darn adorable and readily available at my local "NTUC" turned Giant. But then again, these can be purchased from any convenience stores including 7-11!

There are three different flavors in the Koala March's biscuit range, chocolate, strawberry and milk. 

Without further ado, let's get to the review proper! Koala March biscuits are manufactured by Lotte. They are imported from Japan and Thailand are are approved by AVA! So eat away~ The packaging of the Koala March biscuits are color coded and representative of their flavors! All except the green one, which is Chocolate flavored. If you have noticed, the Koala bear prints on each flavor is different. 

Plus, Koala March supports the Australian Koala Foundation. What a good cause to support right? 

The first Koala March's biscuits that I will be reviewing will be the Strawberry's one. 

Took a bite of the Strawberry Koala March's biscuit and I felt happiness in that bite. The biscuit shell is crispy, crunchy and fragrant. Not only that, it is filled with a lot of delicious strawberry cream! Normally, other cream filled biscuits are more biscuit than cream, but this one is different! Koala March's biscuit really has a perfect proportion of biscuit : flavored cream~

Chocolate flavored Koala March biscuits!
I have a confession to make, I really love chocolate flavored biscuits just because of chocolate. I love chocolate... haha!

I think you can see the biscuit : chocolate cream proportion, much better in this picture! Super a lot of cream right? I love lor. I think I am bias, but I really really adore this! In fact, I think this tastes the best :x 

Last but not least, the creamy milk Koala March biscuits! The blue packaging is really cute and I couldn't wait to try this out, because I also have a soft spot for milk biscuits la :>

One bite and look! Lots of cream and crunchy biscuits! Only Koala March has such awesome tasting biscuit. 

On top of the adorable packaging and awesome tasting biscuits, another reason to buy and try the Koala March biscuits is because of the adorable Koala prints! I absolutely love how detailed and how clear the Koala March' prints are and I had to keep looking at each little thing before I nom it down! What a mood lifter to have around, when you are studying or when you just feel hungry!

There are 365 Koala designs so far! Maybe I might go on a Koala March's 365 biscuit hunt and collage them together! *determined face* I am gonna get fat.

As with girls and all things cutesy, confirm must camwhore with your new stuff! So this my newest addiction! The Koala March's biscuit range! Super yummy and available at all convenience store! I actually love this so much that I told Chubby Cheeks and he wanted to try the Chocolate one! 

Okay! I have come to the end of this fulfilling and extremely gratifying post! Koala March biscuits are definitely my go to snack now! 

If you are looking for something sweet to eat, why not try the Koala March biscuits? Yummy tasting, cute packaging and haz cute Koala prints, what's not to love about the biscuit? Try them out and let me know your favourite flavors in the comment section below! :D

I am definitely a convert from Hello Panda. Sorry Hello Panda, but I prefer Koala March now!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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