Friday, 19 July 2013

#267; WTFurballs!

This was the highlight of my short June holiday because I have been dying to visit WTF (We are The Furballs) since forever. For readers who have just heard about WTF, it is a cafe with a cute twist to it. WTF is not only your average bubble tea cafe, they are also a dog cafe! So, Chubby Cheeks and I decided to pay the cutesy dog cafe a little visit on a weekday.

We had lunch at Yoshinoya before heading to East Coast Road and I ate the Tempura rice bowl with Sjora mango peach juice! Super niceeeee! Since he had his DSLR, I didn't bother to take any photos! So this is me, happily eating my bowl of rice and having a "good" hair day.

After our lunch, we took the MRT to some ulu place then realized that we got lost and had to cab all the way there. LOL.
Located near the famous 328 Katong Laksa, the one where Gordon Ramsay went, WTF is tucked away in a quiet idyllic spot unbeknownst to the average passerby.

Chubby Cheeks and I bought an admission pass to the dog cafe, weekday entrance fee is $4.40/person. Since we are allowed to bring drinks to the playpen where the little creatures were, I chose a red tea with peach while he chose a Strawberry smoothie with these really nice pearls.

Since it was our first time there, the lady boss offered to bring us up to the area where all the cutesy furballs are kept! Some poster of the cutie pies to admire, while we waited. We headed up and were immediately surrounded by all the dogs because they like new friends to play with them. I was a little disappointed that there was a lot of people there, so it was hard for me to get the dogs attention... :/


This little one keeps vying for my attention though! Slinky the dachshund has soft brown fur and the cutest and warmest brown eyes. Mad cute, I love how cute and quiet she is without being too demanding.


And here are the line up of the furballs that are there for you to play! Courtesy of @wearethefurballs on instagram! (The dogs are just too hyper to stand still for a group shot :/) From left to right: Duchess, Buibui, Slinky, Mochi, Lulu, Lola. All so cute and fluffy! Lulu the toy poodle didn't have a hair cut for ages, so she look like a furry little brown bear!

And yes, my favorite would be Buibui because she is so fat and gong gong looking! Buibui is a French bulldog and although I love pugs, french bulldogs are my second favorite dog breeds :)

See how gong she looks? Okay, enough talk, shall let the photos do the talking!

Buibui secretly plotting my death and thinking whether to trust me or bite me... I am sad. She doesn't really like me but really adores Chubby Cheeks.
Then it was time for their nap and slowly, all of the six dogs fell asleep.
Buibui went into her favorite corner and laid down there, so Chubby Cheeks and I decided to follow her over.

Bias me, spam photos of Buibui and not the other dogs. I am sorry :< Look at how cute she is when she sleeps in a corner! She looks like a tubby little bear with upturned ears and the cutest paws.

While she was napping away in a corner, we gave her little tummy rubs and took pictures together and of our drinks! Chubby Cheeks' awesome strawberry drink is really really good, I am not even kidding. My tea just tasted bland next to it :/

The chubbies that day.

While touching Buibui ("Fat fat" for International reader), she suddenly stood up and climb into Chubby Cheeks' lap because she decided she needed warmth. Haha! So cute right?!

The first few minutes she slept happily on Chubby's lap and then she decided to fart.There wasn't an embarrassing sound, but an embarrassing smell....We dubbed it "The Silent Killer". She didn't just fart once, but throughout her one hour plus nap, she farted about 10-20 times. 

Chubby complained that everyone else in WTFurballs has a cute and tiny dog on their lap, while he has a chubby, heavy and smelly farting Buibui. Though he sounds mean, he actually really adore Buibui and kept slathering her with ear and tummy rubs. 

Cutesy Buibui when she woke up and then she stalked off and stretch by doing a split before she did this.....

Haha! Buibui ah! You are a girl! Why you sit like this?!

So after awhile, we left the dog cafe to grab some dinner! The day was a fulfilling one because we were able to interact with all the cutesy dogs there. Would I go back?
Hmm, yes I would! It is worth going back to see and play with these furballs! 

We are The Furballs (WTFurballs) are located at: 
45 East Coast Road, Opposite Roxy Square

Do give them a visit and your love if you do have the time! :D
Who are your favorite dogs so far? :> Leave me a comment below!

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Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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