Friday, 26 July 2013

#269; Make a Statement with Cute Little Strawberries

So every month, I receive goodies from Cute Little Strawberries! In fact, I have so many that I can't wear them all the time and get sad because they deserve more love from me! :/ *hints at blog sales*
Anyway! Here's another parcel of love from Cute Little Strawberries

This time round, I actually gotten three necklaces but broke one by accident because I am such a klutz and a "chor lor poh" (rough women). I shall fix it and flaunt it one day because it is a statement piece that is really pretty if you know how to pull it off lah! *flips hair* 

First up, these pair of gorgeous MJ (Marc Jacob) Inspired Daisy earrings in peachy pink! 

They are friggin obvious when you wear them and at first, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to pull it off but they look absolutely pretty irl and on my ears. I always fancied Marc Jacob's stuff for its simplicity and yet classiness but I can never afford to get stuff there (actually can is can but I rather spend on clothes lor and food). So Cute Little Strawberries is definitely the most affordable place to get all your classy looking expensive inspired jewelry at cheap, cheap prices.

I have been eyeing this cutesy hair tie for ages because they are cute. Available in a myriad of colors, this polka dotted cutie has a bendable wire in it so you can make all sort of cutesy shape with it. You can make it look like rabbit ears or form a heart shape with it!

How it looks on my hair! The rubber band is sturdy and definitely adds a very cute and sweet touch to your outfit. I use this when I am in the gym so it looks uber cute even though I wear fugly gym clothes. I iz vain.

I love sparkly stuff. I always did. When I first saw this while browsing through the hair accessories that Cute Little Strawberries has, I wanted it! But I had bangs at the time so my hair cannot clip one. Hahah! I have this weird habit of always browsing through catalogs and envisioning myself in them so sometimes you might see an old/newly loved item on my blog la. 

Got chio and tumblr a not?! I am gonna make one of the photos I took that day into my new blog banner :x Go grab this hair clip cause its damn pwetty asdfghjkl.

The three crosses necklace is a long necklace. Even though I don't really love long necklaces anymore, I can't help but adore this because this piece is quite versatile plus can add more glamour and statement to your more boring tank tops. 

Paired this with my new crochet tank top! Looks super good right?! 

This piece looks really hard to pair but I swear it isn't. With swallows and flowers, this is really adorable and cutesy. Plus it is a "make a statement" piece!

Paired it with a tank top. But I think this looks stunning with a plain bustier top cause it adds more attention to your neck rather than your *ahem* you know la. With a vintage feel about this piece, this should be able to fit in for days when you are feeling extra fancy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I am so sorry it is so short! *flap hands*
I am really busy nowadays, what with 4 projects all at the same time but I swear I will be back with better post! This is waaaaaay overdue btw.

Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow's giveaway post, sponsored by Cute Little Strawberries! More nice prizes and all! *sparkly eyes*

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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