Monday, 29 July 2013

#271; How about some eye candy?

Lust To Lush sponsored me another pair of pretty pretty lenses to make my eyes so much more lively and beautiful. Lust To Lush has the widest array of lens design to choose from. GEO, Luxury, Super Barbie, I.Fairy, Kimchi, Beuberry and even large lens designs are available for you to pick and choose from. 

This time round, I chosen a pair of large lenses. Leopard lenses from Komi Look in Brown! The lenses took about a month to reach (waiting time stated was 2-3weeks), although it is totally worth it as you will see why later on. The other brands available takes up to 7 working days to arrive after the preorder closes on the 9th of every month.

The Komi Look Leopard lenses are packed in a tiny cardboard box and there is a free lens casing provided by Lust To Lush.

Inside the cardboard box are the lenses in a blister packaging. This means that there is no breakage at all *screams*. There are Japanese wordings imprinted on the blister packaging but I can make no sense of it @.@. Either way, this lenses are advertised as being a crazy 19.8mm in Diameter! With a high water content of 62% this lenses are bound to be comfy despite the crazy sounding diameter. 

Here they are in their lens casing. The leopard lenses look like any other 16mm lenses and I was dubious about the diameter. Then again, I couldn't be sure about it, could I? The leopard prints are super obvious on the lenses and the brown is a nice shade of brown that goes well with dark irises. 

First up, under normal lighting, these lenses are a pretty nice shade of brown that is noticeably... BROWN. I was afraid that the color wouldn't be obvious but no worries there. The leopard design isn't that noticeable here but that isn't a problem for me because....

They are so damn pretty under harsh lighting! I swear OMFG. I almost couldn't believe that these were my eyes. The leopard designs are friggin obvious under harsh lighting or under bright sunlight. In fact, they are already quite noticeable under normal lighting if you were at talking distance with the person wearing them. 

Enlargement wise, these weren't a disappointment. Not at all!
They noticeably enlarged my irises and although it didn't look as if my irises were 19.8mm, the enlargement was quite near perfect. 

And since I was feeling extra fancy and chio that day, I took more camwhore shots than was necessary. Haha! But here's just my favorite two from the pick!

So, would I repurchase these lenses?
HELL, YEA! And you should too! :D

Overall, I rate these lenses a 9/10 for its enlargement, design and color as well as comfort!
I had no trouble with them and they weren't even dry after the 6/7 hour of wearing.. You can get these pair of gorgeous eye candy from Lust To Lush and make sure you order before the 9th of August to join in the preorder of the month!

Also, check out August's promotion over at Lust to Lush's Facebook Page!
Buy more or buy with your friends to get cheaper rates! I am definitely ordering a few pairs with the Chubby one soon, so are you? :D
Don't wait and show them your support and your love for pretty eyes! 

Amanda Misaki Sea


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