Sunday, 4 August 2013

#273; August's Blackbox! Got yours yet?

Received another lovely gift via courier the past week and I was pleasantly surprised by the appearance of another mysterious BlackBox. I love surprises! And I have been so busy so far, that I almost forgotten the existence of my Black Box subscription.

Let see what's inside this month's edition of the Black Box!

A lovely paddlepop-like welcome note and the back of this tiny leaflet has details about where to get your hands on the product in the Black Box. I love how detailed it is, so you know how much the product cost and where to purchase it from. 

This month, they put in a lot of beverages for me to try! 

From Super, there are three huge (not kidding) packet of coffee. It comes from their brown sugar, classic and their latest roasted hazelnut coffee range! I swear they smell so good when I took them out of their plastic packaging. And then, there is a bottle of Take 5ive to keep you awake and energized! I bet they know that I am having exams this month, hence all the perk me ups :p 
Will definitely put them all to good use!

As usual, they include a clear plastic zip-able bag filled with coupons and deals from various places like London Weight Management, 7-11 and Naruko. So Black Box subscribers can take advantage of the deals offered to get to try out service oriented products! I have already picked out a few coupons to use :x

This month's wrapping paper is a beautiful sea blue that I absolutely adore. I love how crinkly it is. They have different colors each month and I am anticipating the month that they will actually use Hot pink! :x

Inside, all the cutesy sample sizes that is convenient for you to bring around for travelling.

There isn't much in this month's edition of the Black Box but it is enough to keep me sated. There is the L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary oil which I really wanted to try out from the commercials for it. And the Cetaphil cleanser which is really a very generous amount for a sample sized product. I actually have two tiny cute bottles of the Colgate Plax mouth wash but I gave one to mumsy who love the size of it! And last but not least, a tiny cute bottle of Purerskin serum! I can't wait to try it out and see if there are any improvements to my skin condition (break outs due to stress...)

This is what I received this month! There are different variations of the Black Box though, so you might get a different version from mine!

In case you haven't subscribed yet, here's a reason why you should:
Plus they mail to your house via TaQBin so no worries about lost mails. 
Awesome right?!
Go sign up now okay! <3

P.S: If you do, let me know! I would love to hear what you think about their Black Box and if you have gotten any different version from mine!~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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