Friday, 9 August 2013

#274; NYX Runway Collection in Catwalk Swatches

So I hauled the NYX Runway Collection palette in Catwalk a really long time back and I thought that it was time for me to do a proper product review. I will only be doing swatches for this time round as there are too many shades in the palette. Although I use all of them, there are a few favorites that I use all the time ><"

The NYX Runway Collection is a 10 color eyeshadow palette and I decided to haul the more neutral browns and beige, because these are the shades that I love and would use most frequently (I am more of a safe and neutral kinda person). Packaged in a sleek black case, the palette is easy to carry around and the packaging is pretty sturdy!

The palette was also packaged in a cardboard box that has the ingredient list on the back. Apparently, the palette contains about 14g of product which actually translates to a lot (trust me, normal eyeliner only has about 3-4g in them, so 14g... is a lot).

Once you pop the case, you will notice the clear mirror that you can use for touch up or even for the application of your makeup while you are on the go! I love how tiny yet generous each eyeshadow pan are. There is also a dual tip eyeshadow applicator which I rarely use.

I labelled the various pans with their respective numbers for easy swatches recognition! The NYX Runway Collection in Catwalk has a mix of pinks to browns and various metallic to warm matte colors. This makes the palette one of my favourite ones yet for its' versatility and color combination.

Tiny label that corresponds to their pan! These are the eyeshadow with two swipes. The 1st color is a sheer pink that has little fine glitter. 2nd is a sheer white while 4th is a more coral pink. I love using the 1st and 2nd for a eyeshadow base while the 4th is used for a more "evening" look. Mad love all of them! 3rd is a strong chocolate brown that is pigmented with just one swipe! While 5th looks coral-like in the pan but is actually a brownish-pink color that appears more brown on eyelids. 6th is a pretty champagne brown that can be use for highlighting and makes your eyes really sparkle.

So far, I have used them all and my favorite combination are to combine 4 and 3 together, or 6 and 5 for an everyday look!

And here are the really pigmented shades that you will come to adore! 7 is a matte brown that I love. 8, 9 and 10 are more metallic in nature and has some fine glitters in it. Although I am not one for glitter eyeshadow, I find that these contain just the right amount to make your eyes really pretty and doesn't fall out much throughout the day! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

I got them in April and I haven't even reached the bottom of the pan yet! I had many people ask me where did I get them from and here is where! Just go over to Qoo10 and search for NYX! Do compare prices because you can get them for slightly cheaper at the different seller shop.

I would rate the NYX Runwau Collection in Catwalk a 9/10.
Verdict: Love the sheers, the matte and the metallic bold color in this palette which makes it suitable for daily use. This should be a cheaper alternative is you are experimenting with neutral eyeshadow palette and don't wish to get a higher end ones like the Naked basic (eyeing them). They are pigmented enough and color lasts really long on bare lids and even longer on primer :)

I hope you enjoy this product review and I might be doing a makeup tutorial with them if requested! :D

Much Love AND Happy National Day! :D
Amanda Misaki Sea


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