Wednesday, 14 August 2013

#275; My 65Daigou Experience

I have been shopping on Taobao because I found that items are much cheaper there and you can find a variety of goods that you never thought you need or want (adding to my white elephant list of stuff). Since Taobao is a China website, you will need an agent to help procure your items and arrange for shipping to Singapore and that is where you are at a cross road. 

There are so many Taobao agents around and I decided to go ahead and use this website (which I will not name here, but shall simply call them agent1). Agent1's shipping fee was quite reasonable from the start but when I finally caved in and bought a Rilakkuma plush scarf (goodness know why I bought it, with the constant humid weather) the shipping rates they charge me were so exorbitant. 

They charged me for 1.5kg worth of goods although I swear the scarf is only about 650g max. And when I ask them for clarification of the charges, they merely told me it was based on a volumetric system (whut, they lay my scarf out and count the cm of the item?). Ah well. I stopped spreeing with Agent1 after that. 

It was only recently when I decided to give 65Daigou a chance to shine. I have seen their website and look through the testimonials and reviews. True, there were a few bad reviews but I thought my chances were pretty fair. So I placed an order for a pretty lace top (my very first clothing from Taobao, unless you count the scarf as a clothing item) and a bag (my very first bag from Taobao).

Ordering was a breeze and I quickly checkout my stuff. They have this prepay system, where you have to top up your account to offset the checkout amount and so I top up for my items which costed me about SGD$12 for both items. I was a little worried that the shipping fees for the bag would rake up quite a fair bit but the economy air shipping rates were pretty reasonable @ $6 for first 500g and $3 for subsequent 500g. Payment was verified the next morning and my order was placed within the day itself! Pretty efficient of them. I downloaded their app btw.

The 65Daigou app on my iPhone is pretty cool because you can track the status of your items from the ordering process, all the way till delivery of your items. And being the kiasu kind of person, this app became my best friend for the next few days. 

The order tab is where you can track the status of your order from processing to purchasing to the arrival of your items in their warehouse! They have two warehouse and I chose the Guangzhou one. 
After all your items arrive in the warehouse, you arrange for shipping to Singapore and you head over to the Parcel tab to track the shipping!

And this is where you see where your items are! The estimated date of arrival is also very accurate and I arrange for a delivery through the app in a fast and efficient way. Chubby Cheeks help me collect my items and he said that the 65Daigou staff packed my items really well and items was good.

Together with the shipping (I was charged for a kg worth of goods) the total became $24, which is an average of $12/item. Pretty okay, considering how I seen the bag being sold for $20 and the top for $18. So now, we come to the part where I flaunt my new goodies!

Ordered this lace shirt because I thought it would be awesome for a beach trip (planning one with the Chubby). It is supposed to be oversized and looks really pretty! I wasn't really expecting much and expected a kind of "wear and throw away" quality but I was pleasantly surprised that the shirt was of quite a good quality and doesn't fur easily!

The details of the cutesy lace sunflower. I love! Now I just need a pretty bikini and I need to lose 10kg and then I can go off to the beach and be pretty under the sun. 

And this is the quilted black bag I gotten! No filters and no edits! Pretty right?
I love how cutesy and adorable it is plus it matches all my outfit coordinate! It's my new fav now! 

Alright! That's all! 
Will I spree with 65Daigou again? Definitely! 
I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what you think about my loots at the comment section below! :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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