Friday, 16 August 2013

#276; CLS loots of the month!

As always, I get a package of love from my favorite accessory sponsors, Cute Little Strawberries! They never fail to make me so happy and I anticipate all my orders with them! Wrapped in a hot pink polymailer and packaged inside a plastic container to prevent breakage, your items and bound to reach you safe and sound!

Since there were a few out of stock in my orders this round, the sweet owner of Cute Little Strawberries added a few extra items to make it up! Here is what I have gotten! Forgotten to put in a beautiful long necklace and a strappy bracelet which I will be featuring later on in the post.

I honestly love statement necklaces because they never fail to spice up a boring outfit and this necklace, is really pretty! White and black with gold trimmings, this necklace is quirky and really cute.

I wore it with a navy short sleeve for my informal presentation. Really spice up the plain navy tee and I love the color combination!

Close up~

The strappy black and metal bracelet that looks super cool!
It is adjustable too! :D

Love love love this! Sparkly bows and cherry! Super cute lor! 
Plus I have matching cherry hair pins in my collection to match this~

Got cute not?! Look like dangling earrings but it is not lor! So cutesy!
Added this to my pile of favorite earrings to wear on a date (yes, I very choosy one).

Yes and No! Find this so cute cause you can turn your head when you want to reply! Haha! Then people must read your earrings. So rude but cute way of answering Chubby Cheeks when I am angry at him! LULZ.

And to confuse someone, you put them two on one ear! Haha! I iz joking.
Put them both to show how cutesy they look on my ear! Aren't you tempted to buy them yet?

Real cool and lovely black beads and metal chain heart shaped bracelet! Pair this with an outfit from dress down days or pair this with a black dress for some added glamour!

very chio right?! I love the simple heart shape that really makes the bracelet looks so cute! Plus it is so easy to put on my arm that I will definitely wear this more often! I am so lazy with clasps :/

And I got greedy and ordered this pretty heart shape studded diamond bracelet! Note the ballerina shoe charm! So cutesy right?!
No photos of me wearing them because they are a little tiny for me but I am going to DIY and add some more loops to make them much more bigger for my fat little wrists!

I love this hair tie! It really is so glamorous lor! 
Gold and pearls with diamonds, this atas looking hair tie will really capture attention and yet, not appear too gaudy.

My messy hair in a beautiful "bow" tie! 
Geddit? Hahah!
Pretty! I can't wait to pair this with my white dress that has this gorgeous lace design at the back!

And something really cool! Spiky and super statement hair tie! 
Don't worry though! The spikes has this rounded edge that makes it safe for you to wear!
I kid you not when I say the band is really sturdy! The elastic is very good also! 

See! So statement and pretty right? Totally recommend this to anyone who love spiked accessory or anyone who love statement accessories for that matter! :D

Last but definitely not least, a black statement necklace with a cross on it! With many chains, this piece looks messy when laid flat but is totally gorgeous when worn...

I can go to FOB concert and blend in already!What I love? The many chains that makes the necklace look very layered and structured! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

I love to pair my accessories with my outfits or plan my outfits around the accessories I will be wearing! So sometimes, I take out accessories that I rarely wear, and wear an outfit that will bring across the beauty of them!

What about you? What's your fav accessories in this loot of the month?

Love anything you see here? Just go ahead and visit Cute Little Strawberries! Lots of accessories to choose from and at the most affordable prices that I have ever seen (I kid you not).

Happy Shopping! :D

P.S: Giveaways are sponsored by Cute Little Strawberries and there will be a big one next week! So stay tuned to this space~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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