Sunday, 18 August 2013

#277; Sponsored Review - Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist

I have naturally wavy hair and when I was younger, my curls were something I wasn't proud of. And so, I had them straighten. After much coloring and straightening, my hair became so damaged that I had to snip off a few inches of my precious hair :< 

It was only recently, that I started to become obsessed with the notion of having pretty curled hair that looks fabulous and elegant. However, all curling tongs comes with a heavy prize to pay... damaged and dry hair with tons of split ends. 

HOW?! *screams*

No fret! Liese's new Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist is created to help you maintain healthy shiny hair, even with the use of curling tongs!

The Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair mist is created especially to deal with damaged, wavy bed-hair and everybody knows that having bed hair is the worse way to start your morning. 
Being the lazy person I am, I usually like to just comb my hair and leave house without styling it and if I am especially behind time, I would just rake my fingers through my hair :x 

The hair mist has raspberry extract to make your hair smell extra good! And a few spritz to your hair will give you beautiful and moisturized hair *flicks hair*

I love the spray bottle because of the hot pink spray top. The design is simple but hey, you shouldn't judge a hair product by its packaging! So let's see how the Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair mist does on my bed hair!

I woke up to this and you wonder why. Hahaha! 
Okay, long story short, I had my hair in a bun and fell asleep and had to go out the next day. 
This is the sad story of my messy bed hair. 

I try to tame my hair with a comb and for the right side, I sprayed my hair with some Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist. See the difference?! The side with the hair mist looks much more smoother and so much more presentable than the side without. 

The formula is also non-sticky and non-greasy! Love it~
I usually skip putting hair serum on my hair because I hate the sticky and greasy feel that comes with the application. With the hair mist, I have no such problem because of the application method and the consistency of the hair mist and that's a plus point for me!
It's a 2-in-1 hair treatment essence and styling aid for permed or naturally curly hair. 

After taming your messy bed hair, add some extra something by adding a cutesy pin! Check out my cherry hair pin :x Cute not?

For days when you want to go all out and "zhng" yourself until "swee swee" (doll yourself up), just use a curling tong and some of Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing hair mist to give your hair that added moisture! Now you don't have to worry about damaged hair and the product WILL NOT weigh your curls down! 

Excited to lay your hands on this miracle product? 
Go ahead! It retails for $14.90 for the trigger bottle (200ml) and you can purchase it at leading pharmacies, personal care stores and supermarket! I spotted this @ Watsons the other day! :D
Also.... you should buy this because this hair product is environmentally friendly (in my opinion)

You ask why?
Because unlike all the other hair mist and hair sprays I have used, the Liese Juicy Shower Moisturizing Mist for Wavy hair can be refilled! The refill bottle cost $16.90 for 400ml so its almost like two new bottle for the price of one! 

Will I repurchase after I have finished? YUP! Tames my hair and make me smell like berry, why shouldn't I? 

I hope you like this product review and let me know what you think about the hair mist if you have tried it!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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