Thursday, 29 August 2013

#279; Canon IXUS 500HS

Before I gotten my new camera, I was using a super "obiang" digital camera from Canon and I relied heavily on my iPhone camera because the quality was that bad.

At the last IT Fair I headed to, which was at Suntec City, I bought a new Canon camera because I was just too tired to load photos from my iPhone to my computer. I had difficulties choosing between a Nikon J1 and the Canon IXUS 500HS but finally decided to get the Canon one because it was still within my budget. The camera costed me about SGD$400-500++ inclusive of a free Crumpler camera pouch, two batteries, two 8GB SD card and a free pair of Jays earpieces (which I accidentally dunk in water so it's spoiled now, lulz). All in all, a pretty good package. Dad sponsored about a $100 or so, which made it an "ok" price for the latest digital camera. 

So here is my review of my "new" camera. Which I swear is the greatest investment I have ever made, and I didn't once regret my decision to purchase it. 

Effective Pixels: 10.1 Megapixels
Image Processor: DIGIC 5 with iSAPS Technology
Focal Length: 4.0 - 48.0mm
Zoom: Optical 12x, ZoomPlus 21x
Face Detection and Auto focus with Image stabilizer

You can view more specifications here.

My thoughts on the camera:
Firstly, I love the gorgeous red color. I'm not usually a bold or "red"-ish kind of person, but how can you resist this?! It doesn't look like those cheap plastic or metal casing but instead, it has this very elegant and timeless feel to it. The design is also really cute and more boxy than square-ish (I have a penchant for boxy stuff which explains the amount of satchel I have).

Compact is an issue for me. I always tote around a small bag and a good digital camera should be able to fit in my bag, even if I decide to bring a clutch. This small tech candy can do just that plus it weighs real little. 

Quality wise, here is a picture taken from one of my advertorial. Unedited and unfiltered, I love the macro setting on this baby. Macro is really important to me Y'know. Cause I have to take pictures of my eyes, my tiny tiny accessories as close detail of stuff, so that was the first thing I look for in a camera. Good macro shots. 

Next up, a normal shot of random scenery with no zoom, unedited and unfiltered. Good not? Haha.

What about food? :D Got pretty not!

Photo quality in low light setting is also pretty awesome. And there is little noise to the picture. Correct me if I am wrong, but noise is the little annoying looking grainy things when you take a photo in low lighting. 

Last but not least, a good digital camera MUST make me look relatively fabulous. LOL. And here is an unedited, unfiltered version of a selca. Which I find is quite nice la, although I look a tad too dark, have eyebags and pimple. But yea, nobody is perfect.

Ok, so all in all, the Canon IXUS 500HS is a good camera to have if you want to take that nice and pretty shot. Being compact and lightweight also allows you to bring it out on almost every occasion (which is what I do) and you will find yourself reaching out to this camera more often than you would reach for your phone. 

P.S: I find myself uploading better quality photos on my instagram just cause they were taken from my camera :p

I hope you enjoy my first tech review and although it isn't the best, I hope it still help you in some way! Let me know about YOUR favourite digital camera in the comment box below~ 

Much love, 
Amanda Misaki Sea


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