Sunday, 1 September 2013

#280; Happy September! :D

Finally, August is over and here comes September! Although the month of August has been a hectic one with the exams and projects, I am happy that it is all over and I sincerely hope that September will be a good month for me. I am now having my internship with xxx company and so far, it has been tiring. Plain tiring.

Nonetheless, here is the roundup of August! :D

At the start of the month, I went with mumsy to Vivo and took this picture. I don't know what happened after I headed out but one thing is for sure, I started to get weird eye infections. I had a recurring stye for the longest time yet and couldn't get it cured no matter how much I stayed away from lenses or makeup.

And this was me with my new specs! Headed out to study at the nearby library with Chubby! Yup, I still had a stye in my left eyelid and it was so swollen and red :/ 

After getting some rounds of revision, we headed to JEM to eat dinner. Decided on Jack's Place for dinner because Chubby Cheeks and I wanted to eat there. We ordered portobello mushroom with cheese! Tasted so good that my mouth is watering when I edited the photo :<

Chubby's main course. Fish and chips which was really nice! 

My chicken cutlet with cheese and tomato! Super nice! 
All in all, it was a great dinner and I feel so happy that I could get to spend time with Chubby Cheeks.

A selca I took when my eyes were so much better. I headed out with Mumsy after Chubby Cheeks fell asleep and couldn't wake up in time, to go out with me. 

Then before my exams, I headed out to JEM again and decided to wear makeup and lenses so I could complete an advertorial. Oh gawd why.... 
Because the very next day, the stye came back full force... 

Oh well...
At least I got something done!

Then I did my exams and colored my hair red to herald a new start~
Headed out with Chubby Cheeks after I ended my final paper on a Friday and we went to H&M where I proceeded to try a crazy amount of clothes before deciding to buy a basic work dress. The cut was super flattering! Mad love~ $17.90 only wtf.

How is this top? $17.90 too! The basic black bandage skirt only cost $7.90 but I didn't get it. 

Then we wanted to watch a movie but couldn't get tickets so we decided to splurge on food @ Astons! Yummy Black pepper fish. 

Finally got around to trimming my brows and decided I look relatively okay enough to tie up all my hair. Something that I have never ever done before because I feel that my face is too huge when I do that. LOL. 

Did my first week of internship and headed out with Chubby Cheeks to destress. We went to Marina Square cause I needed to collect something. We bought tickets to watch Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters after that and then ate dessert! *woohoo*

Headed to St Marc to get this nice big bowl of ice cream! It tasted funky and weird. But the ice cream was really good though. Albeit a tad too sweet for me... 

Chubby's dish. I am jealous because I really love this. It tasted so good...
my mouth is watering again :<

The two dishes to make me fat. 

The Chubby Cheeks and me! :D

I did my nails today! Pretty aren't they? The floral and the pretty glitter bits! 

A closer look at them!

I will blog more about my hauls soon and you can know where to get these pretty stickers that are so darn pretty and affordable! :D

Tell me how did your August went by in the comment box below! I would love to hear about them~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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