Wednesday, 4 September 2013

#282; Cookie Monster?!

If you have followed me on Twitter, you would have known that I have received a whole bunch of lenses from Lust to Lush last week!
Needless to say, I was thrilled and excited and it took me quite a while before deciding on which pair to open first!

Since I am still in my internship, I decided to try out the DollyEye Cookie Brown because it isn't too outrageous, so I can still wear it daily~

Pretty lenses with pretty pink pig casing! I always love the pig style casing because it is so cute~
I have them in purple and blue too :x

The vials are packaged in green with tiny gingerbread man cookie and cakes printed on it. Explains the name that is given to this pair of lenses~ 
The second picture shows the lenses in their vials. 

Here they are in their lens casing!
The design of the lenses reminds me of Bambi series! I actually have a lot of Bambi series design from different brands and I didn't want to add to it, but couldn't help doing so, after I saw this~
Although they aren't the exact copy of the original Bambi series, the color and design of the DollyEye Cookie brown is pretty enough to become one of my favorites!

When worn and under bright lighting, these are the DollyEye Cookie Brown lenses on me. I have natural dark brown/black eyes and I am amazed that the browns in this lenses would show up on me so vibrantly. I love how the design gives my eyes more depth and it looks so pretteh!
Btw, have you realized that I wrongly wore one side of my lenses? :x

Here is the close up comparison of the lenses under harsh fluorescent lighting and under normal room lighting! Under bright lighting, the lenses appear a very hazel and obvious shade of brown and the design of the lenses can be seen. Under normal room lighting, the lenses are closer to a warm shade of brown which I LOVE! Cannot emphasize how much I always wanted warm brown eyes. The design of the lenses is still obvious enough but blends in better with your natural irises~

A selca before I continue with my post :x

Enlargement-wise, these lenses are mighty obvious in terms of enlargement but not scarily so! Have you noticed that the outer ring of the lenses are a dark brown instead of black to help the lenses blend well with your irises? Plus the dark brown outer ring doesn't make the lenses look unnatural on your eyes~

Overall, I love the DollyEye Cookie Brown lenses and I would definitely purchase them!

I would rate these lenses: 8.5/10
The enlargement is natural yet really pretty. Color complements my eyes and blends in really well! Comfort level is ok, the lenses were a little dry at first but I assume it was because I just wore them straight out of their vials (which isn't recommended). They were a little dry after 6 hours of wearing but then again, I just recovered from an eye infection so I suppose that had played a part in it! :x
Otherwise, I LOVE these lenses~

Do you love these lenses as much as I do?
Then purchase them from Lust to Lush!

Here is their price list for the month of September!
And due to the overwhelming response, they have decided to open the large lenses preorder! Prices are $14 for and the more you buy, the more discounts you will get~
Just visit Lust to Lush Facebook page for more information and pictures of the lenses! There are just so many to choose from that I am spoilt for choice.

So what are you waiting for?! Rope in some friends and start preordering your lenses with Lust to Lush because the more you buy, the cheaper it is! Waiting time for lenses is 7 working days except large lenses and GEO (2-3 weeks waiting time).

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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