Sunday, 8 September 2013

#284; All things new and shiny! Part 2

Here's part two of my haul post! My computer was lagging and it took me a whole lot of time to get that post publish yesterday. I sure hope that my laptop is okay!

Bought the English version of VIVI from the local Kinoukuniya @ KL. I love how they have English-Japanese magazine so it's way easier to read about the more interesting articles and makeup tips. This is a step up from Popteen because this is more mode and Otoona then Gyaru and kawaii (Popteen)
Will probably put up scans of interesting trends in the magazine, sometime soon!

Gotten this pair of Barbie Lenses in Nudy pink because I love the color and the design! This costed me about SGD$10 and yes, I gotten this from KL too~
I also bought a pair of lenses for Chubby Cheeks but not pink la. Haha!

I started developing an obsession for Etude house item and subsequently lipstick. Because I had my eye infection, the lipstick was an essential to make my face look more lively and adds a dash of colour to my otherwise, boring face. 

Maybelline Fruity Jelly lip gloss that I gotten for free when Chubby Cheeks bought the eyeliner for me! What a nice Carouseller to give me freebies with purchase~

Etude House lipstick in a corally orange color that I bought from the stores. 
It costed me $17.90 and I really love orange shades because they suit me alot! :>
Although I love to play with bolder colors too~

And here is my current favorite! I got this online for only $9.90. 
This shade is a more red-pink and really bold shade. I love how nice this looks on me and even Chubby Cheeks complimented me on it!
You can see how badly abused this lipstick is :x

Also gotten a Sweet Recipe Jelly Talk lippy from online @ $10+. 
I love how nice this smells! Although the shade is listed as one of Etude's pink shades, this is closer to orange than pink :/

I love Etude house for their packaging and for the fact that they never ever lose an eye for tiny details! Super adore the print on the lippy~

Traded one of my stuff for this NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose and I never regretted! Love the shade and how it looks so elegant and matte. 
I will probably do a review on this sometime soon but yea, this is pretty good!
Do you have any NYX matte lippy?

Gotten this inspired pastel pink Cambridge satchel from Her Velvet Vase for free, because I worn their giveaways! I love how cutesy it is and how much stuff I can fit inside. Although this shade of pink is pretty hard to match with my wardrobe of dark colors :/ 
It's of really good quality though~

Bought this set of pretty floral nail stickers from Lullamaeshop on Instagram! So many for only $10! I am using them now and they get me many many compliments!~

Stickers and PVC decals from theluckiestcloud on Instagram! Have shopped with her for quite a fair bit and she is a very efficient and nice seller. Items are also delivered safely and very very affordable! Can't wait to decorate my laptop with them!

Recently went crazy over Bath & Body Works items and gotten so many products! 
I just added more to my order so I am anticipating them :>

Berry Sangria which smells really berry-ish! Love the packaging and the pinkiness of this!

Gotten Midnight Pomegranate from a trade and I love it so much! I can't even.... 
Will review it sometime soon because this is too awesome to not review.

A fragrance mist - Love, love, love which I recently gotten! This is the travel size one @ 88ml and I love how sweet this smells on me! 
Super cutesy packaging too! I need more of Bath and Body works product~

Last but not least, my recent purchase! Stitch Xylitol refreshing tablets that comes in a resealable ziplock bag. It has two flavors - Strawberry and Grape! And I love how cute the stitch is~
It costed me about SGD$5 from BonJapan @ Dhouby Ghaut xchange! Super pricey but worth it since the portion is pretty big!

So here are all my hauls! What are your favorites from this month's haul post?
Mine would be the Bath and Body Works product because I love to smell nice! 
Leave me a comment below because I would LOVE to hear from you ;)

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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