Wednesday, 11 September 2013

#285; Dress up my ear!

Got another parcel of love from Cute Little Strawberries! I actually received this a really really long time ago but didn't had the time to do up this advertorial :/
This time round, I gotten a few repeats because some of my order was out of stock! Didn't feature the repeats to save some camera space :x

Here's what I have gotten this time round! A whole lot of items for my ears and also a pretty necklace and braided bracelet~

First up, a neon pink ear stud! Kiss Kiss~
I love how vibrant this is and you can wear it when you are trying to add a little colour to your outfit~

Here is how it looks on my ear!
Oopsy, it is lopsided :x
But yea! Just visualize how cutesy these are~

This pair of Yes/No earrings that I gotten in the last package! 
Gave the extra pair to my sister so we can have like matching sister earrings 

Silver ribbon earrings that I actually didn't really notice because of its' simplicity but ultimately did because I saw how pretty it was~

Pretty right? I actually started wearing ear studs and earrings a lot more often because it adds a little flair that isn't too over!

I actually gotten this in a spree further back but forgotten I got it :x
But I have started wearing these so often that they are like my favorite pair of earrings to wear!

Simple, subtle and cutesy!
I love how the black and gold adds a little "class" to this pair of earrings!

A cream colored braided bracelet! I have the similar one in black and I love how versatile it is!

You don't have to pair it with other arm candy because this is good as it is!
But I paired it with my fav black watch because it contrast a lot~

A spike statement necklace!

A random selca of me with my very tired face after my intern~

I like the three tier necklace and how structured it actually looks.

How it looks without my crazy messy hair covering it~

Alright! I have come to the end of this very short post :x
Visit Cute Little Strawberries for more choice of accessories at the most affordable prices! Plus they just ended their giveaway but you should go like them because you never know when they will be giving out more stuff :x

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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