Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#286; Lovely Scents~

I recently fell in love with Bath & Body Work stuff and have been hunting for them on the web! So in my recent haul post, I gotten two new hand sanitizers and a bottle of fragrance mist. At first I was a little skeptical about the Bath & Body Work (B&BW) products and didn't understand why everybody was so crazy over it. But after I gotten my first ever hand sanitizer from them, I knew I was in love with B&BW!

My complete collection of the B&BW Hand sanitizer!
It is a little pathetic now but I am pretty proud of them. I have the Berry Sangria and Midnight Pomegranate in my tiny collection and I will be reviewing them in this week's product review~

First up, Midnight Pomegranate! The very first PocketBac anti-bacterial hand gel that I gotten from a Carouseller for a trade~
I love how tiny this is so it can fit into the tiniest bag and notice how each PocketBac has a different design on its cover? 
Love it.

Although it looks purple in its' bottle, it actually comes out as a transparent liquid-gel. Notice the small blue little bits inside? I think they give the PocketBac an extra punch of scent so that the scent of each PocketBac lingers even after hours!

The Midnight Pomegranate PocketBac smells of a tinge of vanilla and although I am not really sure what a pomegranate smells like, I just loveeeee this scent. I am unable to put into words what this smells like, but I love it enough to consider buying the fragrance mist in this delicious flavor!

Berry Sangria! I gotten it because I love the shade of the PocketBac and I love the design on the front.
Reminds me of my vacation in Bali! 

On my palm, the Berry Sangria color can definitely be seen as a translucent pink hand gel~
On to how it smells like. The Berry Sangria definitely smells like .... Berries! 

It definitely smells more like a hand gel than the midnight pomegranate. 
Though I love the scent, it doesn't seem to wow me away as much as the Midnight Pomegranate!

The texture of the PocketBac is liquid like and it is easy to spread and absorb into your skin. Don't worry about the tiny blue bits that gets squeezed out of the bottle on to your palms. Suprisingly, they get absorb in too! I am not sure whether it really kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria but I am trusting this because of how cute it is :x

The scent lingers even after hours of using it and that is a plus pointer for me!

Would I purchase more PocketBacs? 
YES! I recently ordered two more and will show them off when they arrive!

Do you have any Bath & Body Work products and what are your fav scents? Leave me a comment below! :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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