Sunday, 29 September 2013

#288; Back with more!

This is a waaaay overdued post because I have been so busy with work that I haven't had time for myself and this blog...I will update what I have been doing soon though.
I'm so glad that the owner of Cute Little Strawberries is always so nice not to rush me for adverts la *scratch head sheepishly*. Wo hen dui bu qi! ><

In case you haven't notice, Cute Little Strawberries have totally revamped their collection of accessories up for grabs, by adding in new items at super affordable prices! I went batshit crazy when I saw all their stuff.

You probably can't find the accessories here in the new catalogs (because it is thaaaat overdued) but I will just show you what I have gotten from them!

The owner of Cute Little Strawberries gave me a beautiful heart shape box to put my rings and earrings! Super pretty lehhhh~ And also super duper nice of her because I was wondering how I could store my growing number of accessories!

First up, this pretty ribbon bangle! I was a little afraid that my fat little wrist would be a tight fit for this delicate bangle but it fit perfectly! I love how the color gives the whole piece a very vintage field and the design is simple and versatile.

How it looks on my arm! I can actually push it up to that length. 
I think it would look absolutely gorgeous if you layer it with more arm candy though! What do you think?

Triangle spiked necklaces are my favorite because their designs are so darn wearable! This piece is no exception. Gold with black, the color goes well with anything and everything!

Paired it with a plain tank top and they look so friggin beautiful. 
I will definitely wear this out more often because it isn't too gaudy or showy!
The lengtth of the necklace is also just right and can be adjusted according to your preference.

Next up are the hair accessories! This diamond studded headband is of super good quality and sturdy enough to withstand the postage journey to my house! 

It looks super pretty on my hair! And since it is diamond studded, the hair band looks so elegant and classy. I will totally wear this out! I don't usually wear hair bands out because I don't find a need to but I think I will make an exception with this one! :D

A strikingly purple hair bow that I can put into use during Halloween!
These came in a myriad of colors and are surprisingly of very good quality for the price set~

Cute Little Strawberries also have a whole range of necklace to choose from and I love these golden make-a-wish inspired necklaces from them! Super elegant and pretty and I am saving them up for a special occasion!

Here's what I have chosen to feature! A pretty delicate golden heart on a golden chain! Although you can't really see the definite shape here but ya la, it is super super pretty when worn!

Here is how it looks when worn! I just love how sweet this is and although I have too many necklaces to count, I will definitely save this for an occasion when I need something delicate to match my outfit!

At first glance, this looks pretty simple. A row of sparkly gems on a silver chain~

How it looks like when worn! The chain of the necklace is a little long for my liking, but matches well with my current top so I have no qualms about it! And did I mention how much I just love sparkly objects? Yes, I love this!

A cute little sparkly panda! 
You can't really make out the details of the panda in this picture but I swear the workmanship is really good!

Pretty panda necklace can now be seen better in this picture! Pretty or not?!
Super pretty right? I love this and have the bracelet and the anklet! This necklace completes my whole set of panda accessories~

And my favorite of the lot! A cutesy polka dot with bows and beary ears makeup pouch! I bring this to work everyday and it is convenient because it has two pockets to separate your little clips and cotton buds for touch up purposes!

And here are all the new items that are in Cute Little Strawberries catalog! Don't you just adore them? :D
Go and visit their website for more new goodies and they just added more new stuff so be sure to check out their new arrivals! 

I hope you enjoy this blog post! I shall go and shop at Cute Little Strawberries now, so come shop with me too!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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