Monday, 30 September 2013

#289; Lust for Grey eyes

Back with a new lens review! Lust to Lush have kindly sponsored me this pair of I.Fairy Hera Grey lenses for the review.

I was always a little skeptical of the I.Fairy Hera series because I was afraid the lace design would be too obvious. The outer rim of the lenses are scalloped and "lace-like" and I always had this crazy notion that it will make my eyes look friggin creepy. But I decided to take a chance with them, just for once!

Here are the lenses in their cases. Lust to Lush have given me cutesy pink piggy casing to store my pretty lenses and I loveeee them~ At first glance, the lenses are an obvious gray that looks blendable. Did I mention how much I love the close up of them? The lace patterns on the lenses are super intricate and beautiful and the lace-like outer rim of the lenses are obvious, but not too crazily so.

Wore them on and I am amazed! I love how gorgeous they are on my eyes. Above is a picture of them under normal room lighting. The greys isn't all that visible and the design on them isn't noticeable too, which makes it a perfect pair of lenses to wear to a more formal event like school, or work! I wore them to work for a whole month and have no qualms about them~

Under harsh lighting, the lenses are a vivid grey and the lace pattern is obvious. Surprisingly, the scalloped rim of the lenses doesn't show up too obviously when worn! In fact, it enlarges my eyes further and I have gigantically cute irises. LOL! I love them!

In terms of enlargement, I would definitely give them a 10/10 for enlarging my irises perfectly! My eyes are big but I have the tiniest irises, so I love how the I.Fairy Hera Grey makes my eyes look so beautiful and lively!

Comfort wise, I have no problems with them! I wore these pair of I.Fairy Hera Grey for a month, almost everyday for about 8-10hours (work, lol). And although they get a little dry, because I am working in an air-conditioned environment for long hours, there is nothing a little eyedrops can't cure!

I would most definitely repurchase them! And perhaps get the brown ones to try out! :x

And if you adore this pair of lenses that I'm wearing, remember they are the I.Fairy Hera Grey and you can get them at Lust to Lush for only SGD$12 per pair! Buy more with your friends and you save more money~

Head to Lust to Lush's facebook page for the price list! Whatchu waiting for?! Go buy your lenses now and be in time to get pretty lenses for Halloween~~

Preorder only opens till 8 October, 11:59PM so don't wait and order them now because they are super reliable and lenses are so comfffffyyy~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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