Saturday, 12 October 2013

#291; In the Pale Moonlight

So, this is just a random post filled with random pictures from my phone, until I get working on a proper blog post. I have less than a few days before the new school term starts and I have been reincarnated as a sloth. So yes, I am lazing about, doing nothing productive and I am happeh with this!

I recently gotten a new phone and was struggling with a lot of things, having migrated from an iOS to an android platform, but have gotten the hang of things. Guess what, I already have a 200+ photos in my phone... I can foresee myself getting a 32GB memory card. Ah well. 

This post probably contains so much selcas and photo of random bits of my life, but I liek it. So bear with this or skip this altogether?

You know how girls always take eons to try out clothes? Yes, that's because we take photos in the fitting room. LOLZ. I loveeee this white chiffon long sleeve top from F21 but didn't get it because it was $20 and I had two-digit sum in my bank account ;c 
But yes, I have always been looking out for the perfect white long sleeve and this is it. The cutting is asdfghjkl and I will get it... soon. 

Hello gorgeous! My Naked 1 palette which I absolutely love and adore and didn't know why I hesitated and pondered so long about getting. That was a mouthful to read. I will do a swatch for this soon. But yes, the colors are friggin pretty. I can't even.... Which reminds me that I have $30 Sephora Vouchers and I should just splurge on another Naked 1 or maybe Naked 2 palette so I can hoard it. *hoard hoard*

I remember tweeting that I pluck out tons of my lashes along with my extensions. But they grew back fuller and thicker with the help of Avance Lash Serum Ex and see how fucking pretty my eyes are now. LOLZ. No falsies and just a coat of mascara. Pretty right?

Chubby Cheeks and me the other day. He gotten a pair of new specs and is happy with them while I get new lenses and am happy with mine. Been so long since he made an appearance in this space, but here he is. 

Of course the outfit of the day shot consists of a $10 top from Her Velvet Vase sales (should have gotten more stuff because the workmanship of their items is superb ;__; ).
Also a pair of black shorts from H&M for only $17.90. A chain quilted bag black from my Taobao loots .

Some selca I took. I posted this on Instagram and will probably post all these photos in my insta account sooner or later, so you guys get a sneak peek first la. Haha!

And I love taking random shots like this, edit it. Put a million and one filters on it and declare it Tumblr-worthy. Because, fyeah.
Speaking of which, you can probably see my double chin. 
But just appreciate the picture. 
Appreciate it. 

I think it's because of the good food that is around my workplace and the fact that after lunch, I sit down doing paper work. Because I gain a lot of weight and out pops my double chin. I cryed. 
I manage to lose about 2kg after I officially ended work, so I am gonna work harder to achieve my targeted weight ^~^

The celebratory brownie that my colleagues gave me on the last day of work! She so naise. And this brownie is super good. I shared it with my sister though, so I hope I get half the calories from this brownie and won't gain another kg.... I hope. But it's too late now. 

Posted this on twitter, follow me @amandamisaki, and yes this is my nails of the moment. I done this myself while watching random episodes of Adventure Time and Kungfu Panda. It's done with a light pink base from The Face Shop and top with a good mix of confetti, splatters and hearts. Nah! It's just the cutesy nail polish from Etude House, the one which I gotten with Chubby and the one which he helped me to apply in my previous, previous, previous... post.

And after a whole lot of procrastinating, I sat my ass down and gotten down to a new DIY project! Here's my new S3 cream casing with materials from Sophie & Toffee and a random Korila charm. I am super proud of this because I thought I would screw it up, but it turned out better than expected... I still have loads of cream leftover, so I will probably go shop for more charms and make another casing. HUEHUEHUE~

Le random selca at Coffee Beanstro, Marina Square. I was waiting for my Caramel ice blended and cheesecake. This was taken just two days back when I went out with my Chubby. 

Chicago Cheesecake (?) I think that's the name for it. I am not sure what city name goes in front, but it is a city. I love this cheesecake so darn much, it makes my mouth water when I see this....

We shared the cake, but not the drink! I gotten my Caramel Ice blended while chubby gotten the hazelnut ones. 

Of course, mine tasted better ;)

OOTD for yesterday! Plain cold shoulder top that I gotten for $5 but wtf k. Again the H&M shorts and black chain quilted bag. My mirror cannot maintain itself. It's getting dirtier ;c
Necklace sponsored by Cute Little Strawberries!

Selca taken today. 

And I will end this off with a photo of my deceptively slim looking legs and black quilted bag from Taobao! 

I hope you enjoy this little snippet of my life in pictures and I will be back with a new post pretty soon.. Because I still have a school report to do so yea. 

Amanda Misaki Sea


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