Thursday, 17 October 2013

#292; Who Want Some Strawbies?

Gotten a new package from Cute Little Strawberries! Okay, by the time I get this post up, it's already super old. Heck, Cute Little Strawberries has new stuff and a whole new collection of accessories, but I am here to flaunt what I have gotten from them! So you can see what you have already missed out~

The whole load of goodies that I have gotten in this package! Every time I get something from CLS, I will just sit down and try everything and say that this package is my favorite! Then I get something else and I repeat the process... I have about a few containers full of favorite packages!

So this time round, I gotten more rings and earrings. Also caved in and gotten two necklaces because I cannot take the temptation. This mint green triangle necklace looks so perfect! I gotten a black one prior to this and got this because it looks too cute and you must have a pastel color in your accessories collection. *rants*

So this is how it looks like when worn. It goes well with plain tank tops or even plain blouses! Very versatile and you can even contrast it by wearing something pastel-y pink!

Second necklace is a slanted golden x black cross that is a long necklace! Long necklaces are essential because they really go well with almost everything basic. 

Here is how I pair the necklace with a really basic pink blouse. Though I think I should have swap it for a plain white or black one instead. 

Besides necklaces, I gotten myself a load of rings because I was in the mood for rings. LOL. So first up is this cutesy connector ring that is not unlike your normal connector rings. 
This is adjustable and somehow fatter and cuter looking than the conventional ones!

A little hard to squeeze my fat fingers into this ring even though it is adjustable! I have to stretch this out for quite a while more before I can wear this perfectly, but it is sucha cutie to have!

Triple skull connector ring which I unfortunately cannot wear. But no worries, I will be posting them out as giveaway consolation prizes in the next giveaway...happening soon!
Being an antique gold, this evil looking skulls really looks cool and trendy, wrapped around your fingers.

A starfish shaped ring which I adore! I always had a love for starfishes until I knew they were living creatures (I thought they were seashells...). Having this little starfish wrapped around my finger is adorably cute.

Not to mention, uber unique. Uber. Ok. 

I guess the most hipster-est piece in this collection but perhaps one of my favorites! I love how cool this claw ring is because .. well, how many claws do you get around your finger? Plus, I don't see any blogshops selling this. 

How it looks when worn! Luckily for you, I have an extra piece for the giveaway :p so yes, this claw could very well be on your fingers pretty soon!

A set of three pretty rings. My favorite would be the ruby red heart shaped one in the middle because it is so striking! The crown isn't all that bad either and the weird looking one can pass off as a hat or a 3D Harry Potter-ish scroll.

Why my fingers so fat? Yes, the heart shaped one fits perfectly. 

This looks like something you will get from ASOS and unfortunately, I can't wear it so you guys damn lucky kk. This is so friggin stylish and pair it with a clutch or something and you can take Tumblr-ish photos. 

On to the earrings, I love this black and white swirl ones because they look so Korean-ish and has this very classy feel about it. I have been wearing earrings for the past few months because I am too lazy to adorn any other jewelry. 

And here they are!

Super huge Chanel inspired flower earrings.
Classy and bold and sparkly cause got diamonds in the center. I love sparkly things!


Pixel diamond sparkly heart shaped earrings! *gasps*
Adorable because they are pixelated heart shapes plus they are sparkly!

And although it doesn't look all that heart shapeish in the pictures, they look so much more cuter when worn!

Last but definitely not the least, because I still have more to showcase in the next advert post, temporary tattoos!
I am gonna use one of them pretty soon cause Chubby Cheeks gotten one already but I am too afraid of needles, infection, aids, hiv and a whole bunch of reasons to get a real tattoo. So okeh, I use these!
But serious, these tattoos are awesome and I love how long they last!

Okay, so if you don't want to miss anymore items from Cute Little Strawberries, you better hurry up and visit them now!
What you may be missing out on?
ASOS inspired hair accessories
Chanel inspired earrings
Tumblr Necklaces
Chanel makeup pouches. 

Don't wait kkkkk.
Go shop shop @ Cute Little Strawberries!

Love and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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