Wednesday, 30 October 2013

#293; I.Fairy Lumos Blue~

Gotten new lenses from Lust to Lush and this time round, it is the I.Fairy Lumos Blue!
I absolutely adore I.Fairy because the lenses are high in water content so they aren't as drying , compared to other brands in the market. And my favorite shop to get them, would be from Lust to Lush because they are reliable, safe and absolutely lovely to spree with!

Here are the lenses in their casing because I didn't get a chance to take a photo of them in their vials! I was too excited to wear these and totally forgotten! :/
They are dark blue when see from the front and super vibrant blue in their reverse side! So excited to wear them because I haven't been wearing blue lenses for awhile.

Here they are on my eyes under bright lighting. They are an amazingly beautiful shade of blue that is really noticeable and vibrant from a far! Instead of the conventional black ring around the outer corner of the lenses to give an enlarging effect, this pair of lenses have a dark blue ring! You can see this more clearly when they are in their lens casing~

Under normal room lighting, they are less noticeable but still strikingly so, especially if you are conversing with someone face to face! I get quite a few compliments from people about the lenses and that says a lot because it is rare for people to notice them.

In terms of enlargement, the lenses are super huge on my eyes! Compared to my tiny irises, the lenses give my eyes more life and enlarges it wonderfully. The lenses only measure a 16mm but I think it is because of the design that gives it more enlargement. Oh! And darker colored lenses tend to give this appearance that your eyes are "rounder" and "bigger", so if big cute eyes are your thing, then this is the lenses for you!

In terms of comfort, the lenses are comfortable enough to be worn for 8 hours to 10 hours straight and I don't feel a need to reach for my eye drops! I can't say the same for other brands of lenses, so this amazes me!

These pair of lenses are supposed to be yearly lenses but I usually wear them for a month to two months top, for hygiene purposes! Because they are so affordable at Lush to Lust, it is okay for you to always change your lenses regularly! Did I mention how much I love the lenses?

Would I repurchase them?
Of course!

And head over to Lust to Lush for more design of lenses! The pair I am wearing is I.Fairy Lumos Blue and I think it is available in other color, so go ahead and indulge yourselves! Lust to Lush opens for preorder till the 9th of November, so go ahead and go crazy over the wide array of lenses that they have to offer. I am going to preorder some for Xmas and the Chinese New Year~ *giggles*

Here is the price list!~
Luxury / Barbie / Candy 
1 to 9 pairs - $9ea
10 pairs & above - $8.50ea
1 pair - $12
2 to 4 pairs - $11ea
5 to 9 pairs - $10.50ea
10 pairs & above - $10ea
*Geo anime, crazy, holicat lens @ $15ea
waiting time: 7 working days
**ifairy premium (new) additional $1

Large Lens:
1 pair - $13.50
2 to 4 pairs - $12.50ea
5 to 9 pairs - $11.00ea
10 pairs & above - $11.50ea
waiting time: 3-4 weeks

If you are looking for instock lenses, Lust to Lush also has a wide array of instock lenses so don't wait and head to their Facebook page to place your order now! :D

Amanda Misaki Sea


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