Sunday, 17 November 2013

#295; Le shopaholic~

I swear that stress does me no good because I shop a lot when I get stress. And then I get depressed and eat and get fat and get depressed about my weight. It's all a vicious cycle and you can probably tell I am really stressed because I haven't been able to find time to post in awhile. Anyway, on to more happier things~

I have been buying so much stuff that I can't gather them for a haul post, but here are my recent buys. If I do remember some of my newer stuff, I will be sure to place them in the next random post, but I hope you enjoy and like my buys as well as I do!

From Etude House, I gotten the Drawing Eye Brow pencil for about $5? And a hot pink eyeshadow, which I have forgotten the price. I am trying to experiment with more spring time colors and therefore I chose this striking pink which really does look good! I can't wait to show you my spring time make up look~

A closer look! I love the eyeshadow because it has hearts printed on it and is actually super pigmented which surprised me! I was thinking it would come off as a sheer pink but it is vibrant and I feel like getting more from this series. But I have too many palettes and eye shadows. Too many...

Because I have so many palettes and I can't help but love/use them all, I decided to get a blending eye brush! I love the ones that Naked palette has but I was a little hesitant to use it because it feels so sturdy and so awesome... So I got the ELF ones from Scape for $4! This is at DYON International and they sell tons of Bath and Body works product, OPI, China Glaze and super duper heck loads of beauty stuff. I liek. 

The brush is surprisingly of very good quality and I expected the brush to be brittle and no good at picking up eyeshadow since it is only $4. But this is a wonder! It manage to pick up an ample amount of my Naked palette shades and the brush blends the shadow well. I am looking to get more brushes because its 3 for $10. WTF. 

Pretteh necklaces! I always wanted an over the top statement necklace and this fits the bill! I splurged on this one because it is such a beauty and never regretted it since. This costed me $27 plus delivery and I love how the golden cords/strings matches so well with the translucent gems, diamonds and pearls. A elegant and intricate piece that goes so well with all my basics! I feel that it is definitely worth the $27!

Even mumsy say that it is pretteh!

Got this at Suntec Guardian for $3.90? Sense of Care hand lotion that comes in 4 scents and 4 different characters! I love hand lotion because the skin on my hands tend to crack when it is too cold and I am always in an air con room... Sigh pie. #firstworldproblem

 This travel size and pocket friendly lotion will definitely do well when I am out/when I am travelling but for the mean time, I am relying on my Majolica Majorca Dress Glove cream which I reviewed here!

A cute notebook which I gotten today! I loveeee this cutesy derpish looking French bulldog! Makes you so happeh just by looking at it. This tiny notebook consists of two designs of paper and the first is similar to the cover.

The second design looks like this! So adorbs~ I like how many pages there are in this and the size it comes in allow you to write little memo and side notes to brighten up your boring notes. I often use smaller notepads to cheer myself up while writing notes for exams.

Panda galore! I gotten this sheet of many many pandas at Daiso (ION Orchard branch) for $2! Go get yours because the pandas are cute and because it is so worth it plz. There are many other designs in case you don't like pandas.

Also gotten this letter set from Daiso! This consists of a pretty blue box to store letters and some envelops, letter paper and stickers to decorate your letters! I am into having penpals these past few weeks and thus, I am stocking up on supplies~

Last but not least! This cutesy birdy for $3.80. Although it is a little pricey for sucha small thing, I can't help but love the fur and the little beans in this birdy! Got this at A&BC @ Raffles City~ They come in many more colors and I am tempted to get them all.....

I must be crazy.

HAHA! Finally a good news?
I passed my Basic Theory Test and I am one step closer to driving ^~^ 
I can't wait to learn driving :D
And... I actually feel that I am quite smart for scoring 49/50 in the test. LOL. 

I will be back with another post soon! And I mean it this time when I say that I will do a Naked Palette swatch! :>

Amanda Misaki Sea


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