Tuesday, 26 November 2013

#297; Frosty Mints

As promised, I would do a nail tutorial every two weeks but forgotten to get it uploaded because I was busy with school stuff :/
So here are my new nail tutorial! Again, it isn't much and there are much improvements to be made but I just wanted to share what I like. 

The colors that I used are:
- The Face Shop GR501
- The Face Shop PK101
- NYX Nail Polish Top Coat

Since the fake nails that I will be working on does not require a base coat, I will skip it!

Using GR501 which is a lovely pastelly blue-mint, I applied two coats of nail polish on the fake nail. I love how this color is so refreshingly cute and sweet! So much cuter than normal pink or blue nails!

Here is the end result of two coats. I like how the nail polish is pigmented enough to give a solid mint color even after just one coat! I did two coats just to be safe though~

Using a piece of scotch tape, I cut a triangle design on one side! I indicated the cut (in pink) above. Of course you can do whatever kind of design you would like. You could make a heart or even a star if you have a penknife and a delicate pair of hands. But since this is the beginner's class, we will start with a not-so-perfect triangle.

Make sure that the nail polish is really really dry before you stick the scotch tape on and it would help if the scotch tape wasn't so sticky (prevent any wet polish from sticking up with the scotch tape). So you can actually take the tape and stick it around your arm while you are waiting for the polish to dry. LULZ.

After which, just stick the tape over the parts where you want your design to be. I chose the base of the nail to do my design.

Using the PK101 nail polish, which is a shimmery glittery pink, I filled out the design. I know that mint goes really well with a golden polish but I just can't seem to find any in my mum's stash so I just grabbed the first glitter polish that I see and this is the one.

It didn't turned out all that great though...

See! It isn't all that great and I think it would look so much nicer with golden polish so I'm going to go get myself a bottle tomorrow and try it out again! :D

I applied a top coat over and added a square stud nail gem on the top of the faux nail to make it look a tad nicer. Though I still didn't like how the pink contrasted with the mint, instead of complementing it. Top coat was bought from the US and I don't think it's available in Singapore as of now.

Here is the end product! What do you think of it?
I will attempt to do the frosty mint nail tutorial with a different design and with a golden polish on the mint base instead of the pink! Do look out for my update on my Facebook page~

Until next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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