Monday, 23 December 2013

#299; BlackBox December Edition!

How long has it been since I have blogged?
Apparently, really long :/

I am currently in Vietnam and finally found some time in between shopping + school work, to finally blog. There are so many adverts, posts and weekly stuff that have yet to be updated so I will try to get them all cleared by this month! Being in the final year of Poly is stressful, so bear with the lack of updates! ><

Today's post will be on the December edition of the BlackBox! The BlackBox is absolutely free and lets you try samples from different brands. However, due to the large demand for the free BlackBox, they have started a balloting system. You can try your luck and see if you are eligible for the month's BlackBox or you can choose to pay $6 for the delivery fee to secure your subscription for that month.

I choose to ballot and gotten the December's edition! Lucky me~
It was like a little early Christmas gift when this parcel of happiness arrives at my doorstep via courier.

Upon opening it, there is a little note welcoming and thanking new and existing subscribers to the Black Box program and at the flipside is a list of the products that are inside the box, as well as where and how much they cost! Pretty good because you don't have to hunt them down and can just head to the nearest retail outlets to get them!

They always place their vouchers and advertising pamphlets in this cutesy ziplock-ish bag and this time round was no exception! Except....There are tiny gingerbread and Christmas trees printed on this bag!
Mad loveeee! Plus the vouchers have some handy promotion that allows you to make some savings for the Christmas season! <3

Wrapped in blue, I opened up the wrapping paper to find a whole load of goodies that are travel sized and definitely an ample amount for sampling. See how much you can get? And if you fill up your personal details correctly, they actually give you products that matches your lifestyle habits and hobbies!

I gotten some toothpaste and I have to say, I have a lot of these now! They are seriously almost retail size and awesome for travel or just to use on its own! I don't even have to worry about running out of toothpaste~

Also gotten some kitchen cleanser thing which smells so good. I passed it to my mum cause I find no use for it >< And then there are some sports wipe which is good for after gym or runs. favorites from this month's Black Box would have to be the But, Becky... masks, the VDL BB cream sachets and the NUXE hand and nail cream!

See how cute the packaging of the mask is?! I have yet to try it out but if its good, I will definitely go ahead and get myself a whole retail size because I am running out of sheet masks :/

Being a fan of NUXE products, I absolutely adore this. Smells awesome and works awesome.
My sunblock is from NUXE and I will never step out of the house without slathering some on. Please ah, if you want to use makeup when you haven't even hit 20s, please pay extra attention to your skincare routine.

You don't want to have to look like you are 40 when you are only 25. So... toner-moisturizer-sunblock!

Alright, that's all for this post and I promise I will try to blog more!
I mean it.

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea

P.S: I love replying to comments and enquiries so drop me any! ^~^


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