Friday, 27 December 2013

#300; Cute Little Strawbies!

Ah! This must be the most overdued advertorial that I have ever submitted because I was so tired and had so much stuff to do. But I finally gotten around to piece this advert for Cute Little Strawberries together! Sorry ReiRei :<

These are three batches of accessories so it will be image intensive! I will try not to say too much because a picture is worth a thousand words and because, I don't want it to be too boring to read..
Besides, you guys are here to see how beautiful the accessories are! Right?

Okay, let's get started!

And I probably gotten a lot of this but I can never get enough of them! I mean I love four leaf clover and this classy one just tugs at my heart strings.

And along with the above, I gotten this for myself from Cute Little Strawberries! :D
A white heartttt~

A Love ring that is so adorable and in antique-ish gold. Since this ring has a tiny diameter, because I refuse to accept the fact that I have fat fingers, I worn it as a knuckle ring. Naise~

And I also gotten this intricate and super sparkly and elegant necklace from Cute Little Strawberries~
This is super nice on a casual tops!

Loving this spade, diamond, clover and heart connector ring that is so cute! 
I love how the colors contrast and it feels like if I wear this to a casino, I will win big big! 
So for all those who want to "huat" in the coming CNY, must buy this ok

I am loving the details on this ring. 
I love the intricate flowers and circles that makes it so classy and yet possesses a very antique feel

I love love love love this so much! Comes in colors and I chose this white one!
At first, I was afraid it would be too gaudy and that I wouldn't wear it out but the bracelet is elegant and loud in a way that is wearable! Plus, the cute charms are to die for.

A dainty hat ring that fits well! Plus I couldn't resist adding a smiley face on my fingers because it is a must for such a cutesy ring

Chanel inspired earrings! 
Before I had curly hair, I didn't thought this would suit me because they were a little too big and I was afraid they come across as too gaudy.
But now that I have hair like a lion, this is perfect! 
I prefer the black one compared to the pink ones!
What about you?

Aren't they gorgeous? *tears*

This set of bracelet and bangles are of superb quality and details! 
The coin thing attached to one of the pearl bracelets have fine printing and the bracelet and bangles can be worn separately or layered for a more structured look

Definitely worth the investment so head over to Cute Little Strawberries now!

Thought it look better horizontal but this beige hair tie with the ribbon/bow is awesome with my new hair. 
I like how it has a wire in it so that you can make the bow smaller or make it stick up for a cuter look!
I got the peachy pink ones too ;)

The Tokyo sparkly pearl hair clip will definitely turn eyes as its cute and functional! 
Great to keep my now ruly and untamed hair at bay and the pearls are glued on well! Like they won't fall off easily!
Quality hair pins :D

Gotten this ASOS/Tumblr inspired head piece that is super elegant. 
Tip: Try to tie a fishtail braid before using this head piece and it would look absolutely wonderful!

Greeksy looking headband that has gold leaves adorning the entire length of my head!
Before I had curly hair, hair accessories like these never do work on me but they do now!
So I am gonna spam wear them until I am happy.

On to the necklace! 
Triangle x black x gold are my favorite combination and it's no wonder that I grabbed this piece as soon as I saw it on Cute Little Strawberries!

I love how this looks on my outfit and have worn this so many times, but realize that I don't have a decent ootd shot with it... #fail
But you will definitely see this piece appear on my instagram!

Also another of my favorite piece of all times!
This goes wonderfully well with black outfits so I find myself reaching out for it often~

Here's how I paired the necklace with my outfit!


So if you are interested in anything which I am sure you will be, just head over to Cute Little Strawberries and place your order with them! They provide quality goods with quality service~

I hope you enjoy this post!~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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