Saturday, 28 December 2013

#301; Itoh Collagen Powder Review

The newly revamped Sample Store has such goodies and they recently sponsored me with the Itoh Collagen Powder! So I will be reviewing it today~

I always told myself that I would buy collagen drinks or powder when I reach 20, because that crucial period of years, is when the collagen works best! Well, I am 20 now (cause I eat tangyuan, lolz), and this came at a great time! I read from somewhere (though I forgotten where exactly) that collagen should best be drunk early in the morning on an empty stomach or before bed! Maybe because it will increase the efficiency of the collagen?

I love how easy it is to open the box so you can always grab one while you are on the go. And because the collagen powder comes in sachets, you don't have to worry about portability! Just grab a sachet when you are heading to work or school and mix it in a drink or with plain water!

There are 14 sachets in a box and the daily recommended dose is 1-3 sachets per day. If you use 1 per day, this should last you for half a month~

The Itoh Collagen Powder is also recommended by "Nv ren wo zui da", Teacher Kevin! 
Plus its the most popular collagen in Japan~ 
We all know how young Japanese look, even though they are in their late 30s-50s!

More information about Itoh Collagen Powder in the first frame!
This powder boast that it has no taste and no flavor so it's good for adding to any type of drinks or soup such as miso soup, orange juice, coffee or tea!

Since I like a cup of coffee when I wake, I decided to try mixing the Itoh Collagen Powder into it and see if it really lives up to its claim of being tasteless!

*pour pour*
The collagen powder is fine and dissolves almost immediately in the lukewarm coffee. After pouring the entire packet (which holds a lot of collagen powder, no kidding), I took a tentative whiff and.... No smell!
+ 1 point for Itoh Collagen Powder~

There is 3000mg of Collagen per sachet!!!! *wow* 
No wonder each packet has so much powder in it~

Here's how the Itoh Collagen Powder looks before I stirred my coffee~
This is like 60% of the entire sachet, the rest is dissolving/dissolved. 
The low molecular powder not only helps in dissolving the powder in the quickest time possible, but also aids in the absorption of collagen so you get the most out of it!

Also, the Itoh Collagen Powder won me over when I realized that it is tasteless! 

Okay, so I was a little impatient for the powder to dissolve and I took my teaspoon to scoop out a tiny chunk of collagen. They taste like flavorless jelly so...
+ 1 for Itoh Collagen Powder~

And because it has zero calories and no sugar in it so you are able to enjoy this collagen powder with healthier drinks like fruit juices or smoothie! 

So, here's to hoping that I would have fairer and dewy skin after finishing the whole box of Itoh Collagen Powder!
If you are interested to buy the Itoh Collagen Powder, you can purchase a box from Guardian for $49.90!
Totally worth it because it is from Japan, you don't have to worry that you will gain unnecessary flab from this collagen drink plus you get to absorb the maximum collagen out of it so that you can maintain your youthful complexion!

For about $3.5/sachet, it is definitely worth the investment!

I will update this space when I have finished the entire box of collagen~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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