Monday, 30 December 2013

#302; Mygenlife Bustful Collagen Drink

Ever wanted a healthy and fruity drink that gives you added benefits?
Well, look no further than Mygenlife Beauty Drinks! 

SampleStore sponsored me a set Mygenlife Bustful Drinks to review and here is my honest take on the drinks!

Here is the packaging of the Mygenlife Bustful Collagen Drinks! It is white and hot pink, my favorite color!
There are five drinks designed and catered to every individual and they are the slimming, detox, beauty collagen 12,000mg, whitening and bustful ones!

I love that I gotten the Bustful ones because which girls do not want bigger and fuller chest? *blushes*

The ingredients in the drinks are 100% natural and there is no added flavoring for its fruity taste! 
Remember when your mum says that drinking papaya milk is good for developing breasts? It must be true because Green Papaya is one of the ingredients in this drink!

In each set of Mygenlife drinks, there are 6 bottles of pure goodness to nourish breast tissue and firms and tones your bust!
Each bottle contains 50ml and that is a really substantial amount of drink!

The bottles are hot pink and so adorable! They are made of glass but sturdy enough because I actually brought one of them out to drink. With a twist cap, you don't have to worry about breaking your nails in an attempt to pry open the bottle.
Amanda approves!

The drink taste like papaya and weirdly enough, I thought I tasted a hint of berries. But then again, my taste buds are all weird. 
I love the taste of the drink for its fruity flavor and I don't feel guilty about drinking it because it isn't too sweet! 
The hot pink bottle also makes it so appealing to female~ *fawns*

I can't wait to finish a whole set to see the effects of the Mygenlife Bustful Collagen Drinks!
And of course, if it works, I will definitely purchase it because...
a. It is nice to drink 
b. The bottle is so cute and sturdy!
c. Definitely cheaper than if I did bust fillers or plastic surgery. 

If you are interested in getting the Mygenlife Bustful Collagen Drinks or one of the drinks in the range, you can head to Guardian or Hannah Holding Website to purchase them!

Each set cost $49.90 and definitely worth it!

I would love to try out the slimming or detox one :3 
So I might purchase them to try~

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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