Thursday, 2 January 2014

#303; Paddlepop Zig Zaggy Nails ♡

Haven't done a nail pictorial post in ageeeees!
And I am so so sorry for the lack of updates. I feel so laze when there is a term break ;__;

Here is the end result of the Paddlepop Zig Zaggy Nails that I will be doing for this post! The lines look a bit diluted but oh well. I love this because you can choose different colors! Like you could choose black and white for a more elegant and classy look or just cutesy pastel colors like I did!

I attempted two different sets because practice makes perfect and the first round of designs was horrendous :/

Here is what you need to get these nails!
A top coat, Pastel purple (PP408), Mint Green (GR501) and Pastel pink (PK110). The glittery top coat is optional and not recommended because I tried it and it makes my zig zaggy nails look so dreamlike :/ But if dreamlike and slightly holo-ish is your kinda thing, feel free to spammmm~

Start off with your base coat! Since I am experimenting it on a fake nails, I will skip that part and just layer on two coats of purple. Make sure the bottom is smooth and you don't have to worry about the top being all bumpy because you are going to layer more colors on top!

Using the brush, do this pattern!
Ok, it may seem difficult but its actually really simple!

It's like drawing triangles! Or zig zag lines~
Proceed to color a little part of your nails! Don't have to color all because you are layering more colors on top.

I absolutely adore Face Shop nail polishes because they are just the right thickness to create lines! I don't have to use an additional brush to create the lines above. Awesome or not?! I can't say the same for OPI because some of OPI brushes are really thick :/
Etude house is really good too!

If you really are lost at the drawing with your polish brush, just use a tiny brush to draw lines! Although I regretted using this brush and I regretted using white polish to do the outline :/ Because....

If your polish is sheer or sticky (my pink polish has been in my collection a looooong time), you will end up with gross white lines. Ew. 

Alright! Let's continue~

Continue layering the two colors (purple and mint green) until you are done! 
You can add more zig zaggy lines by spacing them closer to each other but I find that four zig zaggy lines is just nice! Of course, if your nail beds are pretty small, you can choose to use another tinier brush to paint on each layer of color!

My second attempt was with three zigzaggy lines and three different colors! Love how these three go together but hate how gluey the pink is... I need new polishes.

I can't wait to try these with different colors and I would love to try these with black and white~
If you try the Paddle Pop Zig Zaggy Nails, I would loveee to see it!
So go ahead and be creative with the colors and number of lines and blog about it!
Leave me a comment below and I will definitely take a look :D

Until next time,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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