Sunday, 5 January 2014

#304; Beuberry Lurve 3 Tone Blue Review! ♡

Recently gotten my hands on the Beuberry Lurve 3 Tone Blue from Lust to Lush!
Before this pair, my first pair of Beuberry lenses were from an international lens re-seller and it was so friggin expensive, even though their company was based in Malaysia :'(
So I am super glad that Lust to Lush actually does preorder for them!

Here are the bottles that they come in, the labels are standardized and has a little girl on it! Unlike I.Fairy lenses, the vials are a little "boring" :x But I swear Beuberry lenses are comparable to I.Fairy ones!

Here they are in their lens casing! They aren't a vivid and obvious shade of blue, in fact, these are a little misty like greyish-blue. Perfect for a smokey eye makeup!
Also, I found that the effect that this pair of lenses give, is similar to I.Fairy Keizen Blue.

On to the review proper!

Under bright lighting, the outline of the Beuberry Lurve 3 tone lenses are a pale blue white the inner appears more grey due to it's 3-tone nature. I love how it blends well with my eye without being too overwhelmingly "blue" and these aren't the most obvious of lenses, so they are perfect for a formal event.

Oops! Blurry!
But under normal lighting, these are seriously more grey than they are blue. I feel as if I should pile on more makeup in order for these lenses to look more vibrant, because otherwise my eyes feel a little sleepy looking.
So I was right about the smokey makeup and this lenses going hand in hand!
The color also shows up 70% true to what it is like in their lens casing, although do expect for a more darker grey-blue in the center of your lenses (dark irises sigh).

Wow. Much Blue.
Enlargement wise, these enlarges my eyes pretty well, although it is hard to tell when I have both sides on as they don't have the black circle around the outer rim of the lenses.
The effect of the Beuberry 3 tone lenses in this picture is so pretty, I can't....

In terms of comfort, I wore these lenses for 12 hours and don't find a need to reach for my eye drops so it is a miracle *throws confetti*
These are wonderfully easy to put on and properly hydrated so I don't feel like my eyes are starving for water.
Plus, they make your eye look ang moh and mysterious. Amanda approves!

Here's a video of the lenses and me rolling my eyes. But you get to see how they look like in real life so it is easier for you to gauge and see if this pair really does suit you! I wanted to make a GIF but I realize I don't have a software for it ;A;

If you love this pair of lenses as much as I do, and I swear I do because they are pretty and super comfy, then get them from Lust to Lush now! They only cost $11/pair and if you buy more they get cheaper!

Lust to Lush also carry other brands of lenses so be sure to check out their full catalogue because I am sure you will be tempted! And why not preorder your lenses for CNY, I bet you that your eyes will stand out with Lust to Lush's lenses!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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