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#305; Cosme Review - E.L.F Essential Eyelid Primer

I absolutely adore E.L.F (Eye.Lip.Face) products because they are so affordable and really do work! In fact, I prefer them over NYX. Although it is a little more difficult to find than NYX (available at Sephora now!), I would still choose E.L.F as a go to drugstore brand.

Introducing the e.l.f Essential Eyelid Primer in Champagne!
Prior to buying this, I made sure to read up on reviews but I could hardly find any of the Champagne. Most reviews were on the shade - sheer, and I really wanted that because they said that it was a dupe for Urban Decay Primer (which I gotten as a gift from Sister :x).

The packaging is a thin and portable tube that is brown and has a black twist cap. Functional and simple. It is easy to see why people always pass the e.l.f products without getting any. However, you can never judge a book by its cover!

Being slim and pretty tiny (about the size of a pen), this is travel-sized friendly! Although I don't see why you would need to touch up because you really can't touch up on your primer...can you?

The applicator is a wand shape soft brush that applies product easily. I have a tiny tube of UD primer (that came with the Naked Palette) and I love the applicator! I don't know why everybody complains about it. But I would put it down to hygiene?

The applicator manages to pick up enough primer for both eyelids and the shape of it, makes it easy for me to reach the inner corners of my eyelids :3

A swatch on my hands!
It looks more brown and from the reviews on it, they said it was blend-able. I was a pretty huge skeptic because of the swatched color, but I decided to go ahead with it. That and the fact that I only have neutral eyeshadows in my stash, so if it is too brown, I could skip my go-to brown eyeshadow.

Once blended out, the e.l.f Essential Eyelid Primer just left a slight tinge of brown and a whole lot of glitters :/
Pretty good if you are using a matte eyeshadow and a little disastrous if your eyeshadow happen to have huge flakes of glitter because there will be tons of fallout glitter. Swear.

In fact, I tried that once and it felt like my face (yes, only my face) was bitten by Edward Cullen and I am sparkling like a disco ball.

I decided to do two pairs of comparison swatches.
First up would be the primer and its effect on eyeshadow colors!
In the past, I didn't believe in priming my eyes because I don't really care... But look at the difference it made with/without the e.l.f Essential Eyelid Primer. The color of the eyeshadow really does appear so much more vibrantly. In fact, so close to the color in the palette.

P.S: I am using Naked Palette 1 Gunmetal for swatch.

Using the same eyelid primer, I decided to do a swatch for purely eyeliner alone!
Primer x eyeliner - the color wasn't as vibrant as I hope for, but the liner lasted really long
Eyeliner alone - fall-out start to occur when I rubbed hard

I like to use the e.l.f Essential Eyelid Primer for when I go to school, because I don't want to waste my precious UD one *hisses*
The photo taken above was taken after a long day at school and surprise, surprise! No fall out from my eyeliner and a bare minimum of glitter (from the primer).
Eyeshadow is also visible and the vibrancy of it's color is still apparent!

A close up!
Don't expect the primer to cover up creases because it won't.
However, if you are looking for something to make your eyeliner and eyeshadow smudge-free and even more waterproof, then you better stock up on this!

Because I was feeling extra vain, I took many selfies!
I am into brown eyeliner now (actually no...I ran out of black liner and am too poor to splurge on a black one so I am waiting to be sponsored one right nao).

Must show off my glittery nails which I painstakingly just touched up on my own. 

Overall, I would rate the e.l.f Essential Eyelid Primer a 7.5/10!

Verdict: I love how efficient and really, how essential this primer is to your makeup collection. However, I don't like the flakey glitter all. Sometimes, a large chunk of glitter would fall into my eye and cause some massive itching. Of course, that rarely happens but when it does, it gets pretty annoying. 

Will I repurchase? YES! But I would buy the sheer. Just so I can do a comparison with my Urban Decay primer :3

Buy if: You want a cheap eyelid primer and don't mind the glitter flakes (unless you are buying sheer, in which case I would love to read your reviews on it!). This is essential, works well and really cheap. I don't see why you haven't actually bought it yet. Because it is quite awesome. 

You can find E.L.F products from Scape - DYON International or on Qoo10 and I purchase the E.L.F Essential Eyelid Primer from Qoo10 for $2.90! :3
I seen these retailing for $4 from Scape, 3 for $10, but the good thing about buying from retail store is that there is no waiting time involved so it's pretty darn convenient! :D

I hope you enjoy this review and leave me a comment below if you would like to see more! :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki (glitter on my eyelids) Sea


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