Wednesday, 15 January 2014

#306; The Born Pretty Store! - Nail Edition

I know you girls love shopping online and I know that sometimes, you see something from an overseas online shop and you want to get it so bad.

So bad that you are willing to splurge on the super exorbitant shipping fee.
Y'know, those kind that are "oh look, I am more expensive than what your item actually cost ;)" fee.

But you don't ever have to do that with the Born Pretty Store because they offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! *bam*

Here is the wondrous website that has tons of products ranging from nail art stuff, accessories and clothing, all the way to contact lenses and smartphone and tablet casings! I actually chanced upon the shop while looking for holographic nail polishes and I swear... The Born Pretty Store has the most gorgeous holo polishes ever. *wave hands bimbotically*

Don't believe?

See! These are solid hued holographic polishes and not sheer. I actually bought a few holo polishes throughout my tiny obsession with all things nail-ish. And what I gotten was..upsetting. The OPI ones were too shimmery and not holographic enough in my opinion. And the cheaper alternatives that I gotten from Vietnam required 6-8 coats before it is relatively opaque (I kid you not.).

And I am so friggin obsessed with all the nail art stuff that I am dying to try out, so here's my pick of what's hot!

These gold/silver nail glitter beads are so classy and elegant. You can do outlines with them or add them to your nails like the second picture. So cutesy. I really want these so I can try them out with Gelish. *gasp*
Get them here ;)

What I love about shopping at the Born Pretty Store is that they have these amazing customer pictures that can give you an idea of how your nails are gonna turn out with their products! They make it seem so effortless that I am almost tempted to get all the materials to do it!

As if that is not enough, here are the most amazing Elegant White Lace stickers to adorn your nails!
They have the widest selection of lace stickers and they are friggin affordable that you must get them all! I mean this set of sticker is only SGD$1.25 with free shipping. And really, if you head to any other nail store, this would cost you $4! :@

This look so simple and classy *swoons*
Anyone up for a tutorial for these? :B

If you are one to use darker or vibrant colors on your nails, be sure to get these Elegant Black Lace sticker!
I love how these goes so well with pink and can even add a hint of elegance to a Halloween themed nails!
So pretty...
Again, these are only SGD$2+ plus, read on because I have special discounts for you :D

Besides pretty lace nail stickers, they have water decal nail sticker!
Which you can buy here~
These are so barbie doll-ish with poodles and lace. I can't take how cute these are!

Don't really like laces? Why not florals?
I believe that girls should have at least one floral themed item and what better than to wear florals on your nails!
These water decals is a large sheet and can be used for a few times! Plus you can pair them with so many colors. As above and below!

This design can be bought here

These are larger floral patterns so join them with some lace/floral nail stickers and you are good to go!
Get these from here :D

If you are one for cute stuff, why not try these cutesy bunny stickers!
For less than SGD$2 you can get a wonderful set of nails that are so cute. 
If you go to a salon, you probably have to spend a fortune before you can get a decent manicure. Don't break your bank and just splurge on more nail stickers so you can change designs almost every week :p

Get them here!

And you must get these..
I can't even
These nautical nail decals are so edgy and so cutesy that I must lay my hands on one of these. 
For less than $2, create a look that will make many jealous.
Buy these here!

Not only does the Born Pretty Store carries nail stickers and water decals. They also carry other nail stuff like glitter, rhinestones, flocking velvet, caviar beads for nails and also...

For about $10, you can get this mood changing nail polishes (actually heat changing). And they come in a myriad of other awesome colors like pink/purple. You just have to check them out here and find out the entire range of colors. 
It really is pretty cheap as a bottle of nail polishes from Sephora can set you back SGD$2O.

Matte nails have always been so fascinating to have because of its elegance and classiness. Why not give the Born Pretty Super Matte Surface oil a try?
Because they only cost SGD$4.3~

So affordable and you can get these kinda nails. Worth it.
Amanda approves!

I always wanted to try fluorescent nails and this bottle of polish will not burn a whole in your pocket because it is only $4/bottle. Try these out because I can just imagine going to a club with them. 

Buy them here!

And to reward you for reading till the end, here is a special discount code for my readers!
Here is a 10% Discount code which you can apply at the checkout so you make even more savings!!!!

Please don't wait~ I am gonna go shop for more nail stuff now :p
And you should too! Plus there are some limited time discount (holo polishes) so I'm gonna make use of it!

Born Pretty Store
Born Pretty Store
Born Pretty Store
Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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