Tuesday, 28 January 2014

#307; E.L.F Cream Eyeliner in Brown

So I know how I constantly raved about e.l.f products because they are so affordable and they really work! 
This time round, I will be reviewing the e.l.f Cream eyeliner which is highly raved by some bloggers and rated 3.9/5 on Makeupalley! So it really is quite a great product.

The cream eyeliner came in a small tiny box and has a small tiny angled eyeliner brush! I didn't use the brush because it is too tiny :/ But I will probably bring it along when I want to touch up on my makeup!
The packaging is a plastic clear squarish container with a simple black cap.

Forgotten to take a photo of its clear smooth surface, so I have to live with this ugly photo...
Anyway, that is the amount I have used for about two months. I think this can probably last me till June? :o
That's exactly why I love cream/gel liners! Because they are so durable! Although you really do have to take great care of the potted liners, so that they don't dry out :/

Drawn two lines on my hand to put them to the test! 

First line was run under water and then subjected to torture. 
The e.l.f cream eyeliner held strong even under the circumstances and I swore I rubbed really hard. Like the "I-am-gonna-rub-off-my-eyelids" hard. 

Second line was smudged in the same way and there was minimal budging of the liner!
And you can tell I smudge the lines super hard, because after I was done, I had a really really red hand. 
And the liner was still there. 

In terms of waterproof: 8/10
Smudging: 9.5/10

Here is how the liner looks like on my eyelid. I don't really like how they look because I was hoping for a darker brown line. However, you can actually layer on more of the eyeliner until you get a vibrancy that you like! So that's good. 
Another plus point is that, you can choose to line your lower lash line without being afraid that the line would be too harsh.

P.S: Loving this pair of lenses from Lust to Lush! Review coming soon!

Being the lazy person I am, I choose to do the shortcut way of getting my ideal dark brown liner. 
I took the Dollywink liquid eyeliner in brown and went over the e.l.f cream eyeliner. This not only darkens the color, it also make sure that the eyeliner lasts for a whole day, even without the use of a primer.

Above, you can see the difference with/without the Dollywink liquid liner. 
Love love love the effect! 

So you can choose from a more defined and elegant look without your eyes looking too fierce! Or a more demure and mature look~

Having said which, one thing which I didn't like about the e.l.f cream eyeliner is that it doesn't really last well when you have oily eyelids. Sometimes, my lids turns a tad oily (especially when I don't put eyeshadow) and there would be a bit of smudging/fallout on the lower lash line. 
Nothing too hard to clean up though, so bring along a Q-tip if you are planning on wearing this out long!

Overall, I would rate this a 8.5/10 because of how affordable it is and because of how long long it lasts!
I got this for about $6.90 from Qoo10 and it always gets out of stock :/ So it really depends on when you buy it. 
If you are fed up of waiting and want to get the e.l.f cream eyeliner, you can get them for $10 from Scape D.Y.O.N International :)

Amanda approves of this product! ^~^

Amanda Misaki Sea


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