Monday, 10 February 2014

#308; GEO Eyescream Chocomousse Review! ♡

Just gotten another pair of gorgeous lenses from my all time favorite shop, Lust to Lush! :D
Today's review will be on the GEO Eyescream Chocomousse! I think this series is fairly new because I have yet to hear it being raved by bloggers, so I will be the first few (?)

Produced  by GEO medical, the lenses came in a simple packaging. Diameter is 14.5mm and I was expecting a very small and barely noticeable enlargement. Little did I know I was wrong.

Under harsh white lighting, these are how the GEO Eyescream Chocomousse look like!
The pattern is vivid and the color is a warm hazel brown that goes well with my dark asian eyes. 
Because of the slightly darker outer ring and the design, this really blends well in my eye.

If you think they look scary under all kinds of lighting, you are very wrong!
Under normal room lighting, the design isn't very obvious and the color becomes a gorgeous chocolate which is really pretty! I wish I had eyes like these for 24/7. 

The enlargement really amazes me. Because at 14.5mm these are super enlarging! They really make my eyes shine and goes well enough even without any sort of makeup/the no-makeup makeup.

The closeup! I don't really see the resemblance of the design to chocolate mousse but well.. I love this so friggin much. Like scrape all previous favorite lenses. This baby is awesome and I will keep buying them to wear because on top of being super natural, they are damn comfy!

I can go 8 hours with them in and don't even need a single eyedrop (the power of GEO lenses)!

Because I was feeling ultra dressy that day..

Recognize this picture? Yep, was from my e.l.f Cream eyeliner review. 
I have worn these lenses for about two weeks now and so far, no problems with them! So comfy and natural and enlarging. I don't even know why these aren't raved yet. 

Here's the video of how the lenses look like under normal room lighting! I hope you love the video even though the quality is probably a little crappy :/ I am sorry. I used my iPad mini HDR vid cam but I guess it isn't up to standard yet.

If you wanna try these lenses and fall in love with them as much as I already have, go over to Lust to Lush!
They have the latest GEO lenses design and I love their service~
Price list for this month is out!

Only $11 for a pair of GEO Eyescream Chocomousse!
Buy! Buy buy buy!

And you know they are definitely authentic because my eyes hurt very easily from defective or uncomfy lenses!

Lust to Lush is accepting orders until 16 February and even though you can't get them in time for the upcoming Valentines', that doesn't mean you shouldn't order from them. Like you can wear these for any other date and I swear you will capture people's attention cause your eyes are so sparkly and gorgeous!

All with the help of Lust to Lush! :D

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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