Wednesday, 5 March 2014

#310; Lust to Lush x I.Fairy Venus Grey

Hullu dearies!

I have recently opened another pair of lenses, sponsored by my fav store, Lust to Lush. And I decided to choose the I.Fairy Venus Grey because I love grey lenses plus I wanted to look decent when I go for job interviews (alas, I am waiting for graduation).

I chose to get this pair of lenses from the I.Fairy series because...
1) They have a lovely yet subtle shade of grey that really enlarges your eyes
2) Their designs are noticeable, even if they are in grey.

The lenses came in tiny little vials that all I.Fairy lenses are famous for. Like how cute are these bottles?! Not to mention that you can reuse them for craft and for storing rhinestones and super tiny messages for your other half! #amandaRECYCLES

The I.Fairy Venus series came in a design with printed fancy dinosaurs all around. Pretty cute for something so elegant.

Here are how they look like in their lens casing. I love the intricate pattern of the venus series and it never does fail to amaze me on the detail and pattern of the lenses, created by I.Fairy. I had these in Venus Red and they were the most amazing and strangely weird, but not too weird, color to wear out. They blend normally enough into dark Asian eyes, so they appear a maroon-brown (?)

They actually remind me of rose vines and it really is elegant looking with a Victorian feel to it.

Here is how the I.Fairy Venus grey appear on my eyes under normal room lighting.
Their enlargement is crazy big! Super love how these pair gave me an innocent doe-eyed feel. And I feel that it is because of the really thick limbal ring surrounding the pattern.

Under harsh lighting, the I.Fairy Venus color would be more noticeable.
Somehow, I remind myself of wolves when I look into the mirror. It must be the eyes.
I love how comfortable they are and how normal the grey of the lenses blends into the eye. I can wear these for 9-10 hours straight without feeling any discomfort and only need some eye drops into the 7/8 hours of usage.

Need I say more about the enlargement? These lenses enlarge my super tiny pupil-ed eyes so well that I am almost painfully ashamed of them.. These are *bam* in your face huge!
The enlargement is even better than 17mm/18mm lenses that I have previously owned.. *gasps*

Ah sigh, you can see the fallout from my mascara *ashamed*

 If you need a pair of lenses for school or for a more formal event, these are definitely the pair for you! Although I would recommend that girls/guys with smaller eyes go for something that is less enlarging.
I have small pupils and a lot of "eye whites", so these lenses look alright on me!
You can try the I.Fairy Ash Grey because those are super awesome too and they have a thinner limbal ring (less enlargement).

Lust to Lush only sells authentic lenses and you know they must be comfortable because I have really sensitive eyes. Oh and I love my GEO Eyescream Chocomousse so much that I can't bear to stop using them. I now alternate between this and my GEO lenses (also sponsored by Lust to Lush). At least I have two colors to choose from and match my kind of style!

As always, a customary video of me wearing the lenses in real life! I am really sorry for the ugly smudged makeup... I was away from home since 8am till 10pm ... But the good news is, I didn't even reach for my eye drops! :D That's how comfy they are!

If you love these pair of lenses that I reviewed in this post or you are just keen to get any lenses of any kind, don't hesitate to head over to Lust to Lush now to preorder them for yourself! The prices are the cheapest yet and they are really fast and efficient in conducting preorders!

Boyffie Chubby Cheeks might also get some for himself because he "ai swee". hahaha! :x

Alright, don't wait and faster preorder them from Lust to Lush or else you will miss out on authentic lenses at freakin' cheap prices! Preorder closes on the 9th so don't wait!

Much Loves,
Amanda Misaki "big eyes" Sea


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