Sunday, 9 March 2014

#311; My Valentine's

Today's post will be on my very first Valentine ever! Prior to this me and Chubby Cheeks never had any celebrations because he was in camp and because all my other ex-boyfriend didn't believe in the day of love.
This post is waaay overdued but I thought I still put it up, because I wanted to show how grateful I am to find someone like him. *warm feeling all over*

As always, we didn't have any proper plans for a Valentine date :x
But then again, why plan anything, if spontaneity adds that extra element of surprise in your love life? He turned up at my block with a bouquet of flowers that cost a ton (and cost me some heart ache).

We decided to head to town and shop around and just spend time with each other. So there we were and I got him horrible Valentine's gift cause I was saving up for our anniversary which happened on the 24th of that month. I felt really friggin bad after I knew just how much he spent on me. He pampers me too much sometimes, and I really feel blessed to have him around in my life. 

We wasted our time doing nothing but sitting around, shopping and eating. Oh my, I felt so fat that day.
Chubby gotten me a Starbucks card (my very own and very first!) with $50 value inside *tears welling up*
His reason for getting me a card was because he said I needed some caffeine when I start preparing for my upcoming finals. And because he always joke to me that he would treat me to coffee. 

Also, he gotten me a Naked 3 palette! Okay, I'm those girl who wants a whole series of something because I am just like that. Naked 2 didn't really interest me much but Naked 3 was a real stunner with all its' pink and soft shades of brown! :x It was on my wishlist was quite some time and I wanted to buy it on my own. Hehe! Swatches will be up soon?

And the next day, I utilize my card by redeeming my free drinks :D
Green Tea Latte~ Yummeh!

Of course we had to take neoprints! 

Ending off with my favorite picture of us!

My thoughts about Valentine?
Nothing really special except for the special privileges that girls get on the day and all the flowers. Everywhere. All 'em overpriced flowers.... 
You don't have to mark down a special date to call it a day of pampering for your significant others. In fact, if you declare a random day to shower your love, it will mean so much more. You don't have to repeat a hundred and one "I love you" on Valentine day when that is supposed to be what's on your mind every other day. And I know I will always love and care for Chubby Cheeks because he is important every other day. Not just Valentine ;)

Much love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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