Wednesday, 2 April 2014

#313; I.fairy Hera Blue ♥

Post 313!
Sorry for the lack of updates, I am currently working and it can get pretty tiring and hectic at times!

Today's post will be on my new pair of lenses which I have recently opened! These lenses are proudly sponsored by Lust to Lush and they really are super reliable okehhh! They have conducted so many sprees and are trustworthy and legit plus you can't go wrong with 632 likes on their Facebook page ;)

Gotten one in the cutesy old I.Fairy packaging (red bottle with so many cute monsters) and the new one (baubles and a more "Easter" theme). Of course I prefer the old ones with the cutesy theme la! But it isn't the packaging but what's inside those gorgeously adorable vials.

How my new pair of I.fairy Hera Blue lenses look like after they have been emptied into their lens casing! So friggin chio, I love these series of lenses because they have such an elegant lace pattern! I didn't use to like this series but these are.... really "eye-catching" and you should get them (gedddddit? #badpuns ;/ )

A scallop lace limbal ring around the lenses and intricate criss cross patterns that reminds me of Peacock feathers... for some odd reason. 
These are 16mm, definitely enlarging!

How they look like under normal room lighting! 
The color are a dark blue and pigmented enough to be seen in normal room lighting. I love how the pattern makes my eye look so mysterious!

P.S; They don't look that creepy from afar. 

A selfie of how them lenses look like under normal room lighting! Look pretty okay right? No crazy lace patterned eyes. 

Under harsh lighting the pattern and color of the lenses are more obvious and they actually have a really layered look to it. It really does bring out your eyes and I actually tried them in grey once and loveeeee them so much. *cross my heart and swear that the grey is a must try if you are looking for something subtle yet pretty*

Close up~

Enlargement wise they really did their job. 
My eyes look so kooky here.....

These not only enlarged my pupils significantly, they also define my eyes and make them so much more lively than they actually are. Huge difference between the left and the right!

So nice that I must take more selfies.

If you wanna get these pair of lenses that I am wearing, you can head over to Lust to Lush and preorder them!
Preorder closes on the 9th of every month so hurry up and place your order~ 1-3 pair of lenses are $11 each so ask your friends to buy them with you to get them at a much cheaper rate :D
For quality and comfortable lenses at such a price, it really is a steal!

Loving my lenses from Lust to Lush! ;)
You won't regret preordering your lenses from them!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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