Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#314; WCWT - River Safari!

Haven't had one of these Where Chubbies When Today (WCWT) posts in ages because we are so lazy and derive entertainment from trawling through town areas. This time round however, Chubby Cheeks has gotten tickets to River Safari and we planned an outing right after the end of my exams to celebrate the end of my 3 years of arduous project work and also to celebrate our Second year together~

Mr. Beaver greets us! We woke up early and got there really early, scheduled a boat ride right at the counter before we entered the River Safari~ Our boat ride was scheduled for 12noon. Which was a pity because,
a) it is the hottest part of the afternoon
b) all the lazy creatures throughout the boat ride are hiding in shaded area or beneath the pond
c) I was only ever interested in the Capybaras and they were hiding.
d) The boat ride can only be taken once.

So bad lucked chubbies only had a few monkeys to look at, lots of plants and a very very good suntan.

The view. 
The river safari is constructed like in a circuit and you can see the bridge that routes back to the entrance. Throughout the trip there are many places with air conditioning and of course lots of natural view to sightsee or as the Singaporean likes to coin the term "see see look look".

Educational videos and "Do you know?" facts are peppered around the entire safari which makes for an educational trip for the little ones. 

Otters says hullu!
They love suntanning and they own this really cool lagoon and raft where they chill all day. 

On to this sheltered area where there was the biggest... aquarium?
See the great big white thing that looks like a rock? The one next to the prehistoric looking fish. 
It is a sea cow. Dayuuuuuuummmm were they huge. 
Like huger than chubby cheeks lor. 
He lose alr.

But they made me laugh because they had such tiny heads and such massive body. Look at the sea cow above. Sticking out its' tongue cheekily as if it is posing for a photo.

Chubby Cheeks favorite exhibit of all time would be the killer piranha.
I exaggerate. 
They probably eat tiny mammals but they are such tiny little derpy. And they sorta remind me of a mob. Like an angry zombie mob because they just float around in their tank like that. 
All day. And they just stare.
At you. 

While they imagine how soft your flesh is. 
I exaggerate again. 

Us together! 
Tiny eyes because it was crazy hawt and the sunlight was killin my vibes. 

Had Chubby help me out with an OOTD
Long sleeve top from F21 paired with Zara Skorts.
And I just realize that my knee caps are grinning at the camera too....

Mandarin Ducks! 
Meant to be a symbolism for happiness and a good sign for couples if they are spotted in pairs.

Spot the reflection of me and Chubbeh. 
A floating Snapping turtle. Its ferocious jaw can snap your fingers~ 

Watch its' soulless eyes gaze into your own. As if it isn't badass enough.

Alligator Gar. 
Dad goes "gar-gar" about them. #geddit #badpuns

Tiny croc. So adorable! I wanna hug it because it really is quite tiny. 

We moved on to this huge enclosure housing these little cuties and the ever popular Jiajia and Kaikai. 
These dudes are so lazeh, just hanging from tree branches and sleeping while lazily posing for pictures now and then. But aren't they the cutest?!?!?!?!?!

Not sure who is who. But here are the main stars of River Safari. 
heheh! So lucky to get to see both of them!

My favorite part of the trip would have to be the Panda Paus! HUHUHUHU. 
Got them in Chocolate Custard and they are not bad! Took about a million Insta worthy shots before I bear to eat them. 

One last photo of the Chubbies before I end this post. 

All in all, River Safari is an awesome place to visit and walk around because the terrain is pretty flat and easy to walk around in. I like that you can probably bring your elderly grandparents to visit and they can spend some quality time because it is easy to walk and there are seating area/air conditioned areas all around. 
However, there isn't really much to see and do there and there can be quite a few exhibits where you go... "ok, so where is the main attraction?"

It is worth going for a date with your loved one for the scenic landscape and you can take some pretty decent pictures there. 

Where should the Chubbies head to next? ;) 
You be the judge! Just leave a comment below!

Much Love and kisses,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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