Sunday, 20 April 2014

#315; Fleeting Moments

It's been a while since I have blogged and work keeps me busy all the time.
If I am not busy at work, I am busy with uni application, going out with le Chubby or spending most of my free time trying to get that 2048 tile.. *curses*

Haven't had time to do an outfit post but here's one that I took from some time back. The good thing about living in my area, is that I can always access all these beautiful natural landscape. I just don't have a good photographer. And the courage to pull off poses in the eyes of the public.

It was pretty late when we got there but still early enough for us to catch McBreakfast, so that was something. I like the rustic feel of the place and hated my bare toe nails. But I was recovering from a bout of spoilt and damaged nail after my very own homemade Gelish nails.

I think you will never catch me without my handy Chanel inspired boy satchel. Did I mention I love it so much I am considering getting more? Well now I have said it. 
CC Skye inspired bracelet gotten from my very own blogshop :D
I love the diamonds on that thing. So pretty in real life and doubles up as a choker. 

Derelict sign post hidden in the bushes. The grass was knee high and I was so afraid that there would be lurking centipedes around.. 

Wearing my chiffon black top that I have worn for super long but still adore till this day. The thrifty Amanda got this at RM15 at a tiny shop at KL. Zara inspired skorts from Qoo10 for like less than $15.
Had crazy hair so placed a really lovely pair of shades like it was a hairband.
Necklace also from my shop but it is sold out. Super pretty though.

And this just reminds me of the road home.
It doesn't matter how arduous it may get and how many pebbles and rocks may obstruct you in your way, you will always get there somehow so just take your time and go with peace.

I love my camera a little too much..

Until next time. 

Much love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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