Tuesday, 6 May 2014

#317; I.Fairy Tofi Grey Review

Gotten a new pair of lenses to review from my fav shop, Lust to Lush!
These pair that I am going to review today is from the I.Fairy Tofi series, and I gotten a pair of grey lenses because I reckon it would make my eyes a little mysterious? No? 

Them in their tiny tiny vials with printed monsters all over the labels.
These are 16.2mm in diameter so enlargement is reallllyyy big! 
Aiya, you guys know how my tiny tiny irises look like compared to all the other i.fairy I have reviewed so far!

Here is how they look like on my eyes in normal room lighting. 
Not even kidding when I say that they look exactly like their pictures and like they look like in their lens casing. 

I love how vibrant and vivid the grey is and because of the pattern, it makes my irises look like they have a 3D flower pattern!

Under harsh lighting, they look even more stunning! So darn pretty! 
I have them in brown and I am crazy about them! This series is so pretty that I want them in all colors :>

A close up... woo~

Haven't been able to take a good selfie but this is one of the better shots! :D

If you love the lenses that I am wearing as much as I do, preorder them from Lust to Lush!

They are super super comfortable because of their high water content and also Lust to Lush will be one of the most reliable places to preorder your lenses because they have conducted so many preorder and all their lenses are delivered on time!

Here is the pricelist for the month of May! 
Besides I.Fairy, Lust to Lush has a wide variety of other lenses such as GEO, DollyEye, Kimchi, Fynale and Luxury or Barbie lenses!

Their GEO is definitely authentic and super comfy plz. 
One of the only reliable place that I will ever shop at. Because besides having the safety stickers they also have the original GEO packing for some series! 

Go preorder your lenses from Lust to Lush now!
Preorder ends this 10 May!

Amanda Misaki Sea


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