Thursday, 15 May 2014

#318; BellaBox - April Edition

Hey loves!
Haven't been blogging. I need a better excuse besides work and the constant lack of sleep. I don't know but don't you feel sleep deprived all the time?
That be me.

Anyway, today's post is on my very very first Bellabox - April edition. I couldn't wait and unbox it when it came delivered up via courier to my doorsteps. And I am continuing my subscription so the next Bellabox May edition should be here soon!

I might do a video response? A sort of vlog? I don't know but we will see how it goes! 

Upon opening the brown box with my address on the top of it, out pops a bright blue box with polka dots all over! It is such a "cheer me up" kinda blue and the box is real sturdy.
Say hello to new place to store all my accessories :x

A soft tracing paper wraps around a bundle of joy.

What I gotten in the April's edition of Bellabox.
Basically I was oohing and aahing over most of the expensive stuff. 
And figuring out how much of a steal I am getting this at.. Cause the Bellabox costs $19.90/month and that price is inclusive of Ta-Q-Bin which cost $6! 
So technically, you are paying $13.90 for super deluxe and expensive and sometimes full sized samples. 

My first and most impressed stuff gotten from April's edition would be the Fragrance Du Bois scented capsules! 
They smell so damn good that I am so tempted to get them in retail size.
The small capsules cost $50 for five capsules like these. Hurhur.

Then we have the Skin Food in Goldkiwi Emulsion and the toner! 
These are so travel friendly. Like I will never get sick of using travel sized products because I constantly go on holidays

Never heard of this brand before but hey! It looks luxurious and high end so I am not complaining. 
This is a sunblock which is suitable for all skin type! I am currently using my NUXE sunblock but I might switch to this to test it out.

Batiste Dry shampoo in tropical and featuring my new maroon nails which I love to bits and pieces :>
So I haven't really had any experience with dry shampoo because I am the type that cannot stand my hair being oily.
But some days, you know you just feel so laze to wash your hair? 
That be the days I will use this :x

My second favorite picks from the April's edition!
Ere Perez real rosehip Lipbar in the shade Life!

It looks like a lipstick but it really is a sheer tinted lipbalm! 
Super love this because it adds a tint of color to my lip and because it doesn't feel too thick yet properly moisturized and protect my lips. Although this full sized product costs $30++, it really is worth a purchase!

And that's all for the April's edition of the Bellabox!
Let me know if you have gotten your hands on one already in the comments below or if you would love to have one! I will try out and do an individual/commentary on each item in the Bellabox's April edition real soon so stay tuned!

Much Love,
Amanda Misaki Sea


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