Tuesday, 3 June 2014

#321; GEO Princess Mimi in Brown Review

I think I have matured. 
Because I love brown lenses way too much. Other colors don't seem to hold the same appeal to me anymore! Today's review will be on the GEO Princess Mimi series and I got it in... brown! :D

These lenses are from Lust to Lush and I have to say that they are my go to store for lenses because it really is comfortable! I have problems with my eyes ever since starting work because of the long hours in front of the computer and scrutinizing paper work, so my eyes get really dry and sensitive. 

And so far, the only lenses that I doesn't bother my eyes are those from Lust to Lush

I absolutely adore the GEO Princess Mimi lenses because the pattern on the lenses are really so pretty!
And GEO has been around for ages so they must be pretty darn good to last so long in a competitive market :D Best known for their comfort, GEO doesn't disappoint and Lust to Lush delivers their promise of only authentic lenses.

Under bright harsh lighting, these pair are stunning. There are 3 tones of brown and this helps to blend the lenses into my natural irises (naturally black)
They actually give off a very dolly vibe without looking too "dead-eyed". 
I often have this problem with lenses that are too vibrant, they make me look like I have eyes that can stare deep into your soul. :/

Under normal room lighting, the lenses can either look like that on the left, a cute hazel color that is natural enough to pass off as your normal eye color. Or it can look like that on the right, a stormy dark brown that gives you a smoldering gaze. 
Either way, it is amazing how these lenses turn out in normal lighting because GEO lenses are not as famed for their colors. It tends to go more to a "natural" feel?

The GEO Princess Mimi in brown is very vibrant in harsh lighting and the colors is even vivid in darker room lighting. 5/5!

Hair so chioz here ;__;

Enlargement wise?
These are really enlarging. Just compare my tiny pupils to my artificially enhanced pupils.
These pair of lenses will never ever fail me. Bought GEO Princess Mimi before from another shop and after awhile, they hurt (probably fakes). But I have worn these pair from Lust to Lush for close to a month and a half and have no problems with them whatsoever. 

Love love love GEO lenses! 

Go join Lust to Lush's June Preorder! Their prices are so competitive and if you buy more, you can save more!

Guess who is gonna stock up on new GEO lenses? :D

Love how pretty my eyes are omg. 
Thank you Lust to Lush!

Much Love
Amanda Misaki Sea


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