Wednesday, 18 June 2014

#323; Pop O' Colors! BornPrettyStore

The Summer season has struck Singapore!
Okay.. So we don't actually have much of a variation in our weather. It is mostly sunny, rainy, humid or windy. And we are feeeeeeeling the heat, humid weather now!

It is almost too warm to go out or even head to bed without opening the aircon :/
So for those facing the warm summer heat, remember to drink up and get your shades on!

 Anddd what better way to embrace our everlasting Summer with a pop of colors on your nails!?

Featuring these pretty neon nail art stickers that are bound to put a smile on your face and a dash of summery colors on your nail! These are from the Born Pretty Store and the last time I did my elegant graduation nails, I am honestly impressed by the quality of the nail stickers!

They stayed on for ageees even though my work was a little manual.
// impressed me.

My nails have been chipped quite badly these past few weeks so I thought I do some tlc and put on the OPI Natural Nail Strengthener before layering on the polishes~!

Originally I wanted to do a brown (my black polishes are gone) base because the nail art stickers are neon and a dark background will make them really POP! But dark colors and me ... well we just don't click in that way. Think streaky nails with tons of nail polish on my nail bed. 

The neon nail stickers that I chose had owl prints, tiny lightning bolts and crescent! Plus giant diamonds for that extra blingz! I chose a random pattern of owls, lightning bolt and basically a mixture of everything for my nails!

Hey! We all need to be adventurous rightt?

Them pretty nails on my lace shorts! 
Summery shorts that make my summer days so much fancier :D

I added glitter sparkle clear top coat over the polish to seal the nail stickers and to make the bubblegum pink polish a little more adventurous!

Can you spot my neon nail?! :D
So get your sunnies on and get these essential neon nail stickers for your nails~
They cost less than $2 for your nails. A definitely worthy summer investment considering how cute and how many sticks there are.

Get them here! Plus....use my code "CTB10" for a 10% off :> 
Or just go ahead and shop at Born Pretty Store for your nail art supplies because I swear they have the most awesome nail stuff!

Amanda Misaki Sea


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